August Favorite – My Blush Palettes {Shopping My Stash}


I enjoyed all my Tarte, La Femme and Coastal Scents blushes in the month of August. I think these new MAC palettes are the best on the market and great value for money. Eight dollars per palette and although it is not magnetic that can be easily solved by using stick on magnets from Walmart, ebay, Amazon or Michaels. 

I depotted all my Tarte blushes except one from a palette. Tarte blushes are super easy to depot, pigmented and long lasting. All one needs is a pin. The La Femme blushes are another great value for money, roughly $3.50/blush. These blushes have been extensively reviewed and are super pigmented. The Coastal Scents palette is the largest pre-made palette I own.

I LOVE BLUSH!!!!!!!!!!!


DIY: Merging Stila travel Palettes into ONE!!

At one point I was obsessed with collecting the Stila travel palettes and then I lost interset. During my year long purge I was about to give these away because I had so many and was not using the shadows much less the cheek/lip colors. But I deceided to give them a second chance. So I pulled out my Z palette (which had shadows I hadn’t used in over a year) cleaned it out and filled it with the depotted Stilas.
One great thing I’ve found with Stila palettes is the construction, it’s all cardboard and glue. The shadows are easy to remove without fuss see this previous Stila DIY. See all the palettes I depotted here and here. Nothing broke or cracked, no flame, or knives needed and this took me 15 minutes max. I wished all palettes were constructed like Stila’s. Now I can see them all and use them more, the two larger shadows were a couple of Stila singles. The cheek/lip convertibles were also easy to remove but I didn’t keep them. 

Age of the Nudes & Neutrals

How many nude/neutral eyeshadow palettes 
do we/I really need?
All the neutral/nude palettes I have (I may have missed a few) and this does not include any single shadows.

 The original NAKED palette

NYX Nude on Nude palette 

NYX Bohemian Rhapsody and Champagne & Caviar palettes (Runway Collection)

Top to bottom: Stila Garden Bliss & AVON Neutral Tones palettes

L’Oreal Landscape and The Body Shop Chocolate shimmer cube palettes

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone (1st column), Golden Goddess, I <3 Matte (2nd column), Vanity and Walking on Eggshells palettes.

Coastal Scents 88 Warm and 28 Neutral palettes.
Now I know I don’t need anymore nudes or neutrals but everyday there is a new one tempting me, luring me to buy it. I’m pretty sure amongst the individual 221 pans here I can dupe the NAKED 2, all the Balm neutral palettes, the newest ones from Bobbi Brown, Lorac, Dior, Lancome, Guerlain and every other brand. God forbid a NAKED 3 should come out.
Would you agree? or do you think you could never have enough nudes?

MAC Morning Frost EOTD & Review

 I’ve become addicted to Paintpots and cream eyeshadows in the last two months. This was the only item I got from the MACs Glitter and Ice Holiday Collection. For some reason this shade comes off as silver on my skin and as such much of what I put over it has a silverish look to it. It’s still pretty. Below is the usual look I do using Morning Frost. It’s a lovely champange frost with subtle microglitter and it’s even workplace appropriate.
Primer- Benefit Stay Don’t Stray
Base- MAC Morning Frost Paint Pot
Shadow- Stila Beach Collection #1
Eyeliner- MUFE Brow Enhancer #4
Mascara – Rimmel Sexy Curves

I really dislike this Stila palette so much (already gifted to someone who may love it), I’ve tried to work with it in many different ways  and over many different bases but the colors all blend into a single taupe color (I love taupe but these colors do not stand out on their own not even the green).  

MAC Imaginary Review & EOTD

MAC Imaginary Paint Pot
A whole lot of gorgeousness from one of MAC’s latest collections. It’s a royal blue frosted with purple, blue and red shimmer particles. It is a frost finish that glides on like butter and dries within a couple of seconds. One think I noticed with this paint pot is that when it dries, it does not budge. I actually fell asleep with the the swatch below and when I woke up it was still there. It did not move, rub off or fade. I thought that was amazing.

 The EOTD: Benefit Stay Don’t Stray e/s primer, WnW purple cream liner, MAC Imaginary Paint Pot, Stila’s Illimani (above the crease) & Pewter (crease) e/s, Lancome’s Hypnose Drama & Maybelline’s Falsies mascaras.

DIY: Revamping a palette Stila to ELF

In this session of beauty DIY I depotted a Stila talking palette that I had purchased from Sephora last year into an ELF palette. I found this palette very annoying and bulky, although it included a little booklet with the name of the shadows and an application guide.
Depotting was super easy because the palette was made out of cardboard so the pans were easy to remove with no damage to the products. Stila pans are a bit larger than the slots in the ELF quad so you can simply take out the liner and the pans which are already magnetized will stick to the metal sheet.
This Stila talking palette includes; 
top-  Wheat and Nude
bottom- Espresso and a convertible lip/cheek color in Peony

Sephora Haul (June) and Review

How I love Sephora, let me count the ways….you’re a one stop shop for all my needs 🙂

 Stila’s new Garden Bliss collection ($25) includes:

4 x 0.15 oz Eye Shadows in Enchanting (pink champagne), Whimsy (soft gold), Splendid (bronze), and Fête (warm brown)

0.14 oz Cheek Color in Bloom (rosy pink)
0.05 oz Lip Glaze in Guava (neutral pink) update: it’s been two weeks and this gloss is almost finished I use it everyday, all day long would I purchase the full size at $22 (0.03 oz more than the one in the collection) only if it was on sale 🙁 I love it although I’m annoyed by the bulky packaging.
0.14 oz Glamoureyes Mascara in Black
Gold Clutch

 Blush (powder) then the shadows top row then bottom row (no base). Unlike the previous travel palettes this is a powder blush instead of the lip/cheek convertible color included in the other palettes.

Next Stila’s other newest travel palettes;  Stunning in Sayulita – Collectible Beach Palette No. 1.These cost $14 instead of the regular $10 because it’s slightly larger than the other travel ones. If you can’t tell by now I’m obsessed with collecting and of course using these Stila Travel Palettes. No.2 is already out but only at Ulta, I’ll have to get it soon since they are limited edition.

Stunning in Sayulita
4 x 0.15 oz Eye Shadows in Starfish (pink champagne shimmer), Sandbar (dark brown shimmer), Getaway (dusty mauve shimmer), Palm Trees (leaf green shimmer)
0.11 oz Cheek Color in Playa (warm pink)
0.11 oz Highlighter/Bronzer in Banderas Bay (sheer neutral pink sheen)

 Both palettes side by side, the beach palette has slightly larger shadows.

 The three samples; Stila shadow in kitten, Twirl fragrance (I need this perfume in my life like yesterday I LOVE IT!!!!), and a fresh Soy Face cleanser

Tokidoki Prisma Gloss in Bullets (on sale $7)
It looks purple/ mauve in the tube but applies is transparent, it gives no color pay off. It smells like grape soda but has no taste as it’s not sweet. The packaging is really cute and the top of the gloss has pink hearts and crossbones cut outs.

This is an interesting gloss in that the applicator is a paddle instead of a brush or doe foot. Personally I find it hard to control the application of the gloss, I know it’s going on my lips but for some reason if I’m not looking in a mirror it’s all over and I look a mess. Apart from that I have no complaints really other than it can be a bit sticky if you apply too much.

 Freebie: a week’s supply of Lancome’s  GÉNIFIQUE 

Pacifica’s Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter $5
I’ve been eyeing this body butter for a while now and Sephora out of the full size 8 oz when I placed this order 2 weeks ago, so I opted for the smaller 2.5 oz size. I am a huge coconut fan. It smells like coconut frosting but its not sweet nor sticky feeling however it does leave a weird scent I cannot identify once you apply it (I’ll work on figuring it out).

Dior’s Duo Express Instant Eye Makeup Remover (100 point redemption)
I have used this 2-3 times/week since I got it and now it’s almost finished. I love this eye makeup remover. It’s so gently, zero irritation, has a pleasant smell and it takes off everything even my many coats mascara. Would I buy the full size? Yes, but not until I finish all my other eye remover products. It’s $28 for 4.2 oz ouch but I really like it. I really do. 

Stila All the Way

It’s been a quest of mine to get all the Stila travel palettes ($10 each at Sephora and Just when I thought I had them all, all 6 that is I found out that there is floral palette sold only at Urban Outfitters ($10). They sell it online but the shipping is way too expensive so I may have to find a store and see if they have it available.
Each comes with 4 shadows and a convertible lip/cheek product. Favorite one is Moscow, these are great value for your money:) great quality and can be used in everyday looks.






The Urban Outfitters Stila Floral Chic Palette must get!!!!

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Sephora FF Goodies

Post to share my Sephora FF goodies

Great sampler for $50 and includes a coupon for a full size fragrance. I think I’m going to get the Dior Hypnotic Poison I smells AMAZING!!!
It also came with a Sephora brand perfume roller and teeny tiny funnel. I don’t know what I was to pour in it because by the time you pour from one of these vials nothing will be in the roller. I may find some use for it one day.
Stila travel palette in Moscow, the cheek/lip thing is amazing it’s so sheer and pretty 🙂  Wednesday FOTD was from this palette. Now I found out Stila has a new on out ‘travel in Fiji’ must get it.

Harajuku lovers mini set for $15 so worth it, the full size set is for $100 and honestly you don’t get that much fragrance for that price, well I guess it’s worth it since you’re getting 5 different scents. 

I also got Rx for Brown Skin $20, Benefit Porefessional $28, NARS Cheynne duo $10 and 3 samples

My first NARS shadows $10 is way better than $32; burnt orange and rusty
cranberry so pretty; Thursday FOTD