Combos Skin Brightening Dual Booster Mask – Review


20150511_212500~2Color Combos Brightening Dual Booster Mask is infused with natural properties to promote the whitening effect and act as an effective anti-oxidant. Contains Vitamin C derivative and Morus Alba Bark Extracts to improve uneven skin tone and skin brightening. Vitamin B3 helps reduce melanin formation as a reaction to UV exposure and Rice Extract promotes skin softening and hydration. This mask is suitable for all skin types. Vitamin C is the most common ingredient in many brightening, radiance boosting skincare products. The mask fit relatively well although as shown in the image below there were a few dead spaces (areas where the sheet does not adhere to the skin and there is no contact with the essence/serum). This was an okay mask, nothing amazing. The sheet itself was thicker than a cellulose mask but fit relatively well. I did notice that after use my skin did look more radiant. 

How to Use:  Step 1 – Apply essence evenly on entire face; Step 2 – Apply mask for 20 minutes. If any essence remains from Step 1 apply it to mask;   and pat gently for better absorption.

Type of Sheet: There is no indication as to the type of material that the sheet is made out of but 

Volume/Weight: Step 1 – 3g/0.1oz   and Step 2 – 22g/0.7oz

Where to Purchase: I purchase this mask from  for $1.50

Made in Korea20150511_224938~2

PBMDisclaimer: The above description (in blue) was adapted from



Here is July’s MaskGenie Pouch. There are a couple new brands in this months pouch and I am most excited to try theRyeo:Hui, Belov lip mask and Ginseng Health Patch. 
20150801_131400-2 (1)

July Mask Genie Pouch

  1. DewyTree Equal and Resilience Solution Mask (Korea)
  2. Ryeo:huh Ultra Hydrating Pearl Essence Mask (Korea)
  3. Farmstay GreenTea Seed Visible Difference Mask (Korea)
  4. Seatree Art Ice Fresh Sheet Mask (Korea)
  5. Yadah Cleansing Nose Pack (Korea)
  6. Misscarol Kiwi Whitening and Brightening Mask (Hong Kong)
  7. SexyLook Mask (Taiwan)
  8. Bangkok Face Lychee Anti-Melasma Mask
  9. Ginseng Health Patch (Korea)
  10. Belov Lip Mask 

Here is MaskGenie’s review/recap/unpouching of the July 2015 Pouch.




June’s MaskGenie Pouch is here and I an so excited to try a whole new set of brands most I have never heard of before. I am most excited to try the Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Aqua Mask Pack and Secret Key Syn-ake Wrinkle Mask Pack. I really like this service, the price and shipping are amazing.


June 2015 MaskGenie Pouch included from L to R:
1. Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Black Head 3-step Kit (Korea)
2. Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Aqua Mask Pack (Korea)
3. Leaders Mediu Amino Pore-Tight Mask (Korea)
4. Esfolio Pearl Essence Sheet Mask (Korea)
5. Aritaum Morus Bark Fresh Essence Mask (Korea)
6. Secret Key Syn-ake Wrinkle Mask Pack (Korea)
7. Su:m 37 White Award Bubble-De Mask (Korea)
8. BeauNa Apple Whitening Sheet Mask (Korea)
9. Timeless Truth Caviar and Collagen Elastic Mask (Taiwan)
10. Mio Concentrate Whitening Eye Mask (Taiwan)

Here is MaskGenie’s review/recap/unpouching of the June 2015 Pouch.

MaskGenie LoveMore Oriental Beauty Pouch

Earlier this year MaskGenie released a second limited edition pouch comprised of a variety  of masks (10 in total) from the Taiwanese brand LoveMore. This pouch retailed for $26.50 and has been restocked at least once. The cotton pouch was beautiful and reusable.

20150605_204901~220150605_205005~2 20150605_205229~2Top row: Bamboo Liquid Moisturizing, Red Pearl Barley Whitening, Bitter Gourd Purifying, Wild Yam Firming
Middle row: Wine Yeast Whitening and Rose Hybrida Whitening

Bottom row: Black Pearl True White, Rhondiola Antioxidant & Brightening, Yurong Scattered Amazing White and Cubilose Extract Hydrating & Firming Masks. 

As almost all the information on 95% of the masks are in a foreign language MaskGenie post monthly unpouchings where she gives an overview of the masks, provides tips on use and background information on the companies etc., of each mask. Here is the link/video to MaskGenie’s Oriental LoveMore Unpouching:


Daggett & Ramsdell Collagen Essence Mask – review


I purchased this mask set from Burlington Coat Factory on sale for $2.99. It is a two piece anti-aging collagen sheet mask. I didnot like this mask as it was larger (see last image) than most sheet masks which tend to fit and adhere to the face rather well. The material was also thicker than typical sheet masks. The collagen essence itself was pleasant although it started to irritate the skin around my mouth after 10 minutes.



Made in Korea. No clear expiration date.



Coni Beauty ‘Orchid Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle Mask’

20150523_173857~220150523_173906~2MP-CBC003-C1I found the above English description and image on very useful. I purchased this mask as apart of my MaskGenie May pouch.

My thoughts: The fit of the was good, it was not too small or too big. The material of the mask itself was very fragile and tore easily. The serum/essence was scented which I did not like and it started to tingle after 10 minutes. I kept it on for the 20 minutes and found that there was a lot of serum left on my face and in the sheet. I took a bit of work to rub it in and left a sticky residue which was annoying. I do like that the manufacture and expiration dates are clearly printed in the pouch.



MaskGenie – May 2015 Mask [Beauty Subscription] Pouch

I may have found the best subscription program to date. I was scrolling through Instagram on day and came across MaskGenie. If you love, no are obsessed with sheet masks then you will love this monthly program.

The rundown –  a monthly face mask subscription program based in Hong Kong. There is no membership/registration for this service. It is pay as go – each month you purchase that month’s pouch – meaning no auto billing as with other beauty subscription programs. Announcements on when pouches are available are made via MaskGenie’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. The owner Genie also does ‘Unpouchings’ and other reviews on her YouTube channel. She gives an overview of each masks, her experience (if she’s used it before), as well as tips. Another aspect of this service that I like is that she uses and provides indepth reviews the masks too. Not necessarily all the one featured each month but those that may have been previously included or to be in future

You can opt to receive either a 10 mask or 5 mask pouch for $22 or $12 respectively. Payment is via PayPal which I love and the price includes international shipping, which is always a plus. Once in awhile MaskGenie curates limited edition – themed pouches of varying prices that are quite popular and sell out quickly. Recently MaskGenie has added Weekend Pouches that go for $17 for 6-10 masks and are only available on the weekends.


Overall, I am extremely pleased with this subcription service and as a huge fan of face masks of all types especialy sheet masks I will be sticking with this one for the forseeable future. I have used a few of these so far and will be posting individual reviews.

May 2015 MaskGenie Pouch included from L to R:
1.  Black Source Eye Sunglass Mask (Korea)
2.  Coni Beauty Orchid Whitening & Anti Wrinkle Mask (Taiwan)
3. Coni Beuaty Lotus Elastic & Hydrating Mask (Taiwan)
4. Nature Republic Help Me Help Ceramide Mask (Korea)
5. Seatree Steam Essence Mask (Korea)
6. Dr. Morita Moisturizing Essence Facial Mask (Taiwan)
7. Sexylook Rose Water Mask (Taiwan) – not realy sure what the name of this one is but as Rose Water is the 1st ingredient I went with that.
8. I.Skin Focus Strawberry Yogurt Mask (Japan)
9. Combos Skin Mulberry Antioxidant Mask (Korea)
10.  Kino Natural Detox Foot Patch (Japan)


Imomoko Asian Mask Haul

I have a renewed obsession with face masks of all kind this year. Everything from sheet to gel – mud and it goes on. I haven’t bought must makeup this year because I’ve been spending my money on skincare related products and masks are the mail ones. 

I stumbled upon Imomoko through watching a few YouTube videos and this is my third order in two months. I love Asian skincare products and this site basically a one-stop shop. The mask are reasonably priced and you can save even more money as they typically have deals and one can always find a discount code floating around the web.

This time I picked up 2 Leaders InSolution Teatree Relaxing Renewal Masks ($1.99 each), 2 Beauty Clinic Mediheal Teatree Healing Solution Essential Masks ($1.99 each), 2 Hanaka Black Rose Masks ($0.99 each), 1 Beauty Clinic Mediheal Mogongtox Soda Bubble Sheet Mask ($2.99) and a pack of 45 Alovivi Essence Face Masks ($15.99). I will be doing mask reviews for the next few months as I test out these goodies and the many, many, many others that I may or may have not purchased (wink wink).







20150305_151343~2This hyaluronic acid intensive mask is a very hydrating and moisturizing sheet mask from Taiwan. It is suitable for all skin tpes and in addition to its moisturizing properties it also claims to brightens and soothes the skin.  

Hyaluronic acid or hyaluron is one of the major components of the extracellular matix in the body. It contributes significantly to cell proliferation and cell movement/migration and is widely distributed throughout the body. It is used in medicine to primarily repair wounds (promoting healing) and degraded joints. It is hugely popular in the beauty/cosmetic industry and can be found in many products such as serums, masks and creams.

There is not much description wise as all text is in Taiwanese but one can figure out how to use it i.e can the serum be massaged into the skin or should it be washed off by the images on the back or by watching You Tube. Each package contains one mask and I assume the 30ml noted on the package is the volume of serum. The serum is not sticky nor is it too runny. The mask itself is well fitting and the serum stays within the mask and does not drip or run all over the face. It is recommended to keep on for 15 – 20mins afterwhich any residual serum can be massaged in to the skin or wiped away.

20150217_210622The fit

Overall I enjoyed this mask, the serum and fit. It is a definite repurchase.

I purchased this mask from at $1.00/mask and would repurchase.