My Pigment Collection

I have so many pigments that I rarely use and I don’t know why. I have few full size pigments that I’ve purchased on sale from Etsy shops, CVS, or other small online companies. I got the idea to do a post on my pigments from the 7 Deadly Sins Beauty Tag post question #2 wrath ‘what beauty product do you have a love/hate relationship with?’ Pigments. I want to use them but then I don’t to, I love the richness of the colors but hate the fallout and the work involved. I have kept quite a few as you will see although I have given away at least 50% of my original stash.
I don’t know when I’ll be able to use these samples up, and I dread to think how I’d use up full size ones. I am happy with what I have left although I still feel I need to purge some more.
MAC pigment samples – I buy these from The Beauty Sampler
Full size L’Oreal pigments I got from CVS when they were having one of their 75% off sales.
My Beauty Addiction pigments – a few full size jars (label on top) and the rest are very generous samples. I have a few swatch posts here, here and here.
My other pigments a few full size ones such as Kryolan (this is the color changing greem pigment that I should review sometime soon), Detrivore and the others are samples or broken shadows.

Haul and Review: L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows

I found these at Target on the last day of 2011 for 3.5 g for $6.99 (cheaper than the drug store). It’s best to purchase these by combining the many $1 off L’Oreal coupons available weekly online or in the Sunday paper. These Infallible shadows are the drugstore versions (NOT dupes) of the higher end Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill (4g for $32). Both brands are under the flagship store L’Oreal and the concept, packaging, technology are the same. They are highly compressed pigments and each jar comes with a little stopper which helps to keep the shadow intact (it’s advised not to throw them away).
The GAETK shades are unique in that they are hybrids of usually 2 colors, that when blended gives you a new shade (see comparison at the end). I think both are worth it.
L to R: Golden Sage ( a golden olive) and Amber Rush (copper/light penny shade)

                        Perpetual Purple (a nice purple shade with blue and purple shimmer)

 Midnight Blue– a gorgeous sapphire blue, however it needs a little work as one swatch shows it’s not as pigmented as the others. The swatch on the left is four swatches, so you’d have to build it up on the lids.

Sultry Smoke – an industrial grey that I actually like, I think it’s the only one that is not shimmery. It has more of a matte/satin finish and the color reminds me of that oil paint used to paint to floors of schools, factories etc.
 A little extra comparison:
L to R: L’Oreal Golden Sage & Amber Rush and GAETK #15 Copper Impress
See you in the next post 🙂

P.S. I have two more coming that I just ordered from Ulta. I need to stop!!!!

Review: My Beauty Addition Mineral Eyeshadows

“MBA eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, vibrant and intense. Our shadows have been formulated with premium base ingredients that will give excellent adhesion and all day wear. A little of our eyeshadows goes a long way. 
General ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, may contain iron oxide, tin oxide, ultramarines, carmine, ferric ferrocyanide, boron nitride, chromium green oxide” mba
Shamrock and Merlot
Sugar Plum and Slipper
This was from a BOGO Free sale last year

The following were purchased when they were selling 10 samples for $5, now they have 5 sample jars for $7.50 and on the website they mention that the sample jars come half full. Amazing!!!
 Peach Frost and Evocative
Topaz, Pinkberry and Honey
 Amethyst and Tease
Twisted, Navy and Passion
The camera does not do NAVY any justice, it is gorgeous. Personally I think it looks more like a super deep, rich teal that is more blue than green.
My growing MBA family 🙂

EOTW – My Beauty Addiction Molten Metals

These were the two looks I did with My Beauty Addiction’s Molten Metals Collection (see my review here.
 Look 1: Gold Olive (lids) and Rust (outer corner and crease), I also used Body Shop’s #10 to blend it out towards the brow bone. These shadows I’ve found worked best with cream eyeliners.

Look 2: Aged Gold (lids) and Milk Chocolate (outer corner and crease), I also used Body Shop’s #10 and Revlon’s Rich Sable to blend it out towards the brow bone.

I really like these shadows they are soft and easy to blend, I found they were easier to apply with my finger on the lid and then blend with a brush. Cream liners worked the best, felt tip ones do not show up well. Overall I like the shadows in this collection and I can’t wait to play with them. 

Review: My Beauty Addiction- Molten Metals Collection

I am a big fan of My Beauty Addiction (MBA). I was browsing Etsy last year and came across this store and have been purchased a few shadow samples. I only own four full size shadows (from a special they had). Personally the best thing about this store is not only the wide range of gorgeous shadows but the samples. You can purchase samples of any shadow you want and they come in little baggies. You’ll be surprised at the amount you get (very generous samples).

“Advanced Natural Based Skin Care & Premium Quality Mineral Makeup & Bath and Body Products Beautiful, youthful skin begins with quality skin care products. Our products are made with superb quality, effective active ingredients. We choose only the best formulations, to give you products that are healthy for your skin. Our formulas bring you advanced skincare in healthy and natural ways.” My Beauty Addiction

I recently ordered the Molten Metals SAMPLER for $7.50 + $2.50 shipping – this collection includes eight gorgeous colors which are made from  bronze, zinc and copper powders and blended with silica. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and finely milled for a super smooth and silky texture and application.

Whenever I purchase MBA samples I put them in Coastal Scents 5g jars (I don’t like to keep the bags) and then I put a sifter on and reuse the labels. You get a lot for a sample, these jars are almost full 🙂 They are very pigmented, easy to apply,very metallic, smooth.

Top row (left to right)

Umber is a super saturated deep red brown
Smolder is a deep rich super saturated burgandy/wine 
Gold Olive is a super saturated gold with an olive green undertone
Milk Chocolate is a super saturated metallic bronze/brown

Bottom row (left to right)
Rust is a super saturated warm brown with copper undertones 
Burnished is a super saturated color with a deep gold hue
Aged Gold is a super saturated brilliant gold

Coppermine is a rich, super saturated metallic copper red

Seriously how gorgeous are these shadows, OMG!!! all my looks next week will be based on this collection. I want all these eyeshadows 🙂

I another post I’ll swatch and review the other MBA shadows I have, love those too.

Loreal Clearance @CVS 75% off

I got wind from NouveauCheap that certain L’Oreal products were being discontinued at CVS at 75% off!!!! So I had to go and check it out and I scored!!!
I got some stuff and will go to other CVSs to see if they have better selection than my local CVS. I have found out that not all drugstores are equal which is a shame, it all depends on the location. For $20 I got the following (I’m all smiles); 4 pigments ($3.19 each) and 2 eye kohls ($3.44 each).

Intrepid pigment: a rich deep burgundy with reflective/holographic teal shimmer. It is the same as Glamour Doll’s Dinospotz, although the teal glitter looks chunkier but they just melt away. This is a gorgeous color and everyone should have it. It looks different is the shade, in the sunlight just absolutely a gorgeous color.
Tenacious pigment: A deep peachy/ sunset orange, gorgeous.
Teal & Burgundy eye kohls: very pigmented teal with shimmer. I’ve never used these L’Oreal eye kohls before but from the swatches I like them so far.
Unashamed pigment: deep lavender, very pretty
Rebel pigment: shimmery lime green

I urge everyone to check out their local CVS, you can scan various items to see whether or not they are on sale because the 75% tags maybe mislabeling other items (happened to me). I wished HiP duos very on sale I would have gotten all of them.