Review: Neosporin O/N therapy

This is more like an instant review vs an in depth tried and true one. So tonight on my way home from lab I stopped by Walgreens to get a Neosporin Lip Treatment, I didn’t find it but found this-

my lips are in a bad state so I got it (I’m still on the look out for the treatment). With every change of the seasons my lips suffer fall to winter, winter to spring, spring to summer etc. My lips will be fine and within 5 minutes (no lie) my lip gets thin, it cracks, strip you name it, it happens. I can’t understand why and it gets worst when I think I’m getting sick.

Anyway I got it and applied some in the car OMG! immediately I noticed a difference my lips felt so moist and smooth (before applying my lips were chapped). I couldn’t believe it so far I’m very pleased although the packaging states ‘restores visibly healthier lips in 3 days’ and ‘repair and nourish as you sleep’. Looking through the ingredient list I’m not so sure if it’s really good to be applied to the skin but I’ll research some more. 
In tub it look like whipped cream but once applied it becomes an ointment (greasy but doesn’t feel greasy).

I’ll give another review in a week or two.

$12 Break and a $2 Fail

I took today off to work on my dissertation at home and took a $12 break [Dollar Store, CVS (50% off), RiteAid (75% off)]

Top: Riviera Blue (Revlon), Copper Penny (CG), Earthy Taupe (Maybelline), Beige (L.A. Colors)
Bottom: Emerald (CG), Fire It Up (CG), Blue Moon (ELF), Pink Satin (Maybelline)
Now for the $2 fail; I ran out of eye makeup remover and saw this from Wet n Wild. I just used it and OMG it burns so bad, I’ve never used a remover that burnt my eyes. I am so taking this back.