Review & Dupe: Lancome’s Pose Color Design Eyeshadow

I recently ventured to the mall with my sister where we stopped by the Lancome counter being a fan of their Hypnose Drama mascara I decided to try their eyeshadows as well and one thing led to another and now I the proud owner of three. This despite the fact that I prefer palettes to singles. I really like the shadows in the Color Design series. Color Design shadows boasts Lancôme’s Micro-aired technology that promises effortless application and smooth-gliding color that’s beautifully bendable. They are long-lasting, pigment-packed and the color stays true for daylong wear. (

I’ll be posting about all three eventually but for now here is the lovely Pose.

Pose is an intense golden – copper with a metallic finish and retails for $18.00 for 0.042 oz.


I love gold/copper shadows so when I swatched it, I instantly had a dupe from the WetnWild Golden Goddess palette (Holiday Collection 2010).

It is most similar to the last shadow in the first column.
From L to R: Pose, shadow #2 first column, #3 first column (dupe) and #2 second column. They are very similar with the only difference being Pose is more gold while the dupe is more coppery.
See you in the next post 🙂

Age of the Nudes & Neutrals

How many nude/neutral eyeshadow palettes 
do we/I really need?
All the neutral/nude palettes I have (I may have missed a few) and this does not include any single shadows.

 The original NAKED palette

NYX Nude on Nude palette 

NYX Bohemian Rhapsody and Champagne & Caviar palettes (Runway Collection)

Top to bottom: Stila Garden Bliss & AVON Neutral Tones palettes

L’Oreal Landscape and The Body Shop Chocolate shimmer cube palettes

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone (1st column), Golden Goddess, I <3 Matte (2nd column), Vanity and Walking on Eggshells palettes.

Coastal Scents 88 Warm and 28 Neutral palettes.
Now I know I don’t need anymore nudes or neutrals but everyday there is a new one tempting me, luring me to buy it. I’m pretty sure amongst the individual 221 pans here I can dupe the NAKED 2, all the Balm neutral palettes, the newest ones from Bobbi Brown, Lorac, Dior, Lancome, Guerlain and every other brand. God forbid a NAKED 3 should come out.
Would you agree? or do you think you could never have enough nudes?

Haul and Review: L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows

I found these at Target on the last day of 2011 for 3.5 g for $6.99 (cheaper than the drug store). It’s best to purchase these by combining the many $1 off L’Oreal coupons available weekly online or in the Sunday paper. These Infallible shadows are the drugstore versions (NOT dupes) of the higher end Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill (4g for $32). Both brands are under the flagship store L’Oreal and the concept, packaging, technology are the same. They are highly compressed pigments and each jar comes with a little stopper which helps to keep the shadow intact (it’s advised not to throw them away).
The GAETK shades are unique in that they are hybrids of usually 2 colors, that when blended gives you a new shade (see comparison at the end). I think both are worth it.
L to R: Golden Sage ( a golden olive) and Amber Rush (copper/light penny shade)

                        Perpetual Purple (a nice purple shade with blue and purple shimmer)

 Midnight Blue– a gorgeous sapphire blue, however it needs a little work as one swatch shows it’s not as pigmented as the others. The swatch on the left is four swatches, so you’d have to build it up on the lids.

Sultry Smoke – an industrial grey that I actually like, I think it’s the only one that is not shimmery. It has more of a matte/satin finish and the color reminds me of that oil paint used to paint to floors of schools, factories etc.
 A little extra comparison:
L to R: L’Oreal Golden Sage & Amber Rush and GAETK #15 Copper Impress
See you in the next post 🙂

P.S. I have two more coming that I just ordered from Ulta. I need to stop!!!!

My Blush, Bronzer & Highlighter Collection

My bronzer, blush and highlighter collection 🙂

Guerlain Meterorites TEINT DORÉ 03

MAC Blushes and MSFs

Rock & Republic- I have 9 of the 11 or 12 blushes 
( I want the others to complete my collection)

Blush (random brand and Black Opal) and Bronzer (NYC, Black Opal and Go)

Eyeko Bronze Tinted Cream

Milani review to come.

NARS California Eyeshadow Dupe

While organizing my single shadows this past weekend, I happened upon Cover Girl’s Fire It Up. It looked very familiar, then I finally realized how similar, if not exactly the same as California by NARS (which I got at Sephora for $8 regular price $23). I had gotten the CG shadow on sale last year for $1.50 (I think) or was it one of those I found at the dollar store.

L to R: Cover Girl’s Fire It Up and NARS California

Now see if you can tell the difference:

 No flash

Natural light



 Blended out on my arm (flash)

And the swatches are in the same order as the shadows in the first pic. I could not tell the difference at all.

Review: Maybelline FIT me!

Way back in March Maybelline was on sale for 40% off at Walgreen’s so I decided to try the latest foundation. I so had a $3.00 off coupon so I got both for $6.58 (amazing!!!!!). #355 or Coconut is the darkest shade they carry and to make this easier for the public they also numbered the corresponding pressed powder, bronzer, concealer and blush. So if my ‘correct’ foundation is 355 them it’s best to get all #355 products so everything will ‘blend well’.
At night with overhead lighting and flash
Foundation: 1 oz and has SPF 18
Pressed Powder: 9g
In the daytime with natural light.
Pressed powder in #355

I initially thought it was a solid compact them I noticed that the compact was too ‘thin’ for the size of the compact. There is a compartment for the puff beneath the powder as is found in most drug store pressed powders. I don’t think this is necessary.
L to R Powder blended out, foundation, foundation blended out, matches perfectly but still this formula is only good for a couple of hours not all day.

Now for the reason I don’t believe this FIT me! is 9g. I compared it to a R and R pressed powder which is also 9g. Do you see the difference???? There is now way it’s 9g, the pan isn’t deep enough in the compact. 
Now seeing these two side by side I think this R&R powder maybe best reserved for Summer it’s a bit dark.

1. Affordable especially if you have a coupon and it’s on sale.
2. #355 is really the only darkest color they have and from watching YT reviews it seems to match a wide variety of dark skin tones.
3. No smell

1. Bottle has no pump
2. Compact had additional compartment which is just extra packaging.
3. Gives a dewy finish (I personally don’t like that).

Two week’s ago WnW’s BOGO 1/2 off sale at RiteAid.
Nail polishes: #236 Lust and #234 Jade. These go for $1.99 and are 10ml while the Sinful Colors # 853 Cloud 9 was the same price and has 5ml more product. I decided to try these WnW Craze polishes and hope they are much longer lasting than the typical $.99 ones which chip in a few hours.

 This ‘City of Color Bronzer’ was $3.99 and since MAC’s Surf Baby beauty powder is sold out I decided to find a cheap replacement to soothe my wounds until I could get my hands on it. This in my opinion is too red to be a bronzer but makes a good plummy blush/ highlighter.

With flash

Without flash

Swatches: l to r- powder, sliver frost, mixed.

A little WnW treat

I’ve been really good this month of not buying everything I see and want but I couldn’t resist getting something. I was debating whether to buy some things from AllCosmeticsWholesale or Coastal Scents. But these included spending the money on shipping or spending a certain amount to get free shipping (well not this time around). 

I stopped by Walgreens on 6/17/11 to get some Vitamin D and decided to get one of the new WnW palettes (Comfort Zone). It so happened that WnW lip products were half off (99 cents) and since I’ve never tried their Natural Blend lip shimmers I decided to get two in Maple and Cinnamon.
I won’t swatch the eyeshadows since they’ve been out forever and there tons on the web.
Lip Shimmer’s in Cinnamon and Maple: a warning these are very pigmented especially Cinnamon which stains and these were swiped once. I don’t know how long these will be on sale but I’m waiting for one of the drugstores to have a WnW BOGO Free.

CVS Mini Haul <$15

Sally Hansen Diamond 12hr Treatment in Princess $1.17
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick 620 Spotlight Beige $2.20

 Gorgeous 🙂
Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Set $9.99

Blush in Warm Berry 
 Bronzer in Gingersnap
Eyeshadow in Mint Julep

Absolutely GORGEOUS

Loreal Clearance @CVS 75% off

I got wind from NouveauCheap that certain L’Oreal products were being discontinued at CVS at 75% off!!!! So I had to go and check it out and I scored!!!
I got some stuff and will go to other CVSs to see if they have better selection than my local CVS. I have found out that not all drugstores are equal which is a shame, it all depends on the location. For $20 I got the following (I’m all smiles); 4 pigments ($3.19 each) and 2 eye kohls ($3.44 each).

Intrepid pigment: a rich deep burgundy with reflective/holographic teal shimmer. It is the same as Glamour Doll’s Dinospotz, although the teal glitter looks chunkier but they just melt away. This is a gorgeous color and everyone should have it. It looks different is the shade, in the sunlight just absolutely a gorgeous color.
Tenacious pigment: A deep peachy/ sunset orange, gorgeous.
Teal & Burgundy eye kohls: very pigmented teal with shimmer. I’ve never used these L’Oreal eye kohls before but from the swatches I like them so far.
Unashamed pigment: deep lavender, very pretty
Rebel pigment: shimmery lime green

I urge everyone to check out their local CVS, you can scan various items to see whether or not they are on sale because the 75% tags maybe mislabeling other items (happened to me). I wished HiP duos very on sale I would have gotten all of them.