Review: MAC Venetian Tarnish Metal-X-Cream Shadow

 Very pretty, smooth, shiny finish and despite the many negative reviews that these shadows are not long lasting, crease instantly etc., I disagree. I especially want to get my hands on Vintage Coin which has been forever sold out.

 L to R: MAC Venetian Tarnish and GAETK #15. I initially thought VT very similar to #15 but when swatched it’s more bronze.

Taken after a very long day at work, VT on the lids and, #15 in the crease and a blending color from the CS 28 neutral palette.

EOTD: Mirage 88 Palette and ELF Pewter Cream Shadow

CS Mirage palette (used across/down E5, G4) CS dual eyeliner pencil, BSDS, Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara & ELF cream shadow in Pewter.
Honestly, I am not a big fan of this palette apart from the smell it seems muddy to me, all the colors have a brown undertone. I wanted to try a look one last time before deciding to pass it on to someone else.

Review: Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill #15

GAETK #15 is not always available on department stores websites. It seems to be a mix of #14 a gold/copper and #13 the black. This shade is described/called Copper Impress, a mix of black, copper and grey. It is gorgeous in it’s little pot.

A very light swatch (I’m not wasting my $32 for 0.14 oz) on heavy swatching sorry). It comes off as a very soft burnt/tarnished gold, it’s smooth and easy to blend. 
Armani has a line of these permanent pressed shadows that appear as a mix of two distinct colors in the pot, but when applied blend to create a similar but different shade. In a future post I will review GAETK little drugstore siblings.

Review & EOTD: E.L.F Cream Shadow Teal Party

I completed this look around 2pm, in an attempt to test out the wear of one of the ELF Studio Cream Shadows -Teal party.
 My dark circles are getting darker gross, no wait I think that was the mascara (note I didn’t leave home looking with this).
 ELF Studio Cream shadow in Teal Party (ELF Cream shadow swatches in a future post) & Black Radiance duo in Rhythm/Blues.

Then at:

 Overall the wear wasn’t that bad for a $1.50 product. After 6 plus hours there was minimal creasing and the shadows still looked the same as earlier in the day. The only thing I didn’t like about this was the bulky packaging and the shadow was a bit too soft and creamy. But overall it was a good product. I can’t say anything to it’s longevity for more than 6 hours. It’s great for a short day at work or for quick weekend trips to the mall.
See you in the next post

Review and Swatches: ELF Studio Cream & Single Shadows

A small Christmas E.L.F 50% off haul
Cream Shadows
From L to R: Pewter, Bronzed, Teal Party & Dawn
Pros: fairly good value for $1.50 i.e very affordable; shadow wears for at least 6hrs; pigmented; easy to apply
Cons: horrible packaging, shadows will most likely dry out quickly (as I experienced with the cream liners) and the jars are huge, bulky and clumsy. 
Pressed Shadows
Single Shadows: Amethyst, Raspberry, 
Pebble (a dupe for MACs Copperplate) & Mystic Moss
Pros: very affordable, very pigmented, great packaging, smooth and easy to apply
Cons: none
 See you in the next post

Review: Benefit’s The Annie & Maggie Collections

I had been eyeing these palettes at Sephora for quite sometime and finally took advantage of a recent 20% off on sale items. They were originally $36, reduced to $29 then to $24 plus I had a $25 gift card so in the I paid around $13 for both. Surfing the blogs not many people have reviewed these palettes. 
 Mini cream shadows: top – Static, bottom – Airbrush
Shadows: top- Skyline, middle- Inked, bottom- Deco


 OMGorgeous I love these shadows they are so soft and the pressed shadows are super pigmented. The only issue I have is with the cream shadows is they don’t photograph well (at least with my camera) and they are very soft but gorgeous nonetheless.

Included in each box is a guide to three looks with very simple easy to follow instructions.
Great collections and well worth the price.

Misadventures with Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Epatant

This is a whopper of a post as I don’t think I’l be able to post again until 2012, seeing it’s in a couple of days. It’s been a great year and I love blogging and I love my little blog so much and appreciate everyone who has stopped by to take a peek. The beauty world has so many goodies that bring joy and happiness to our lives but with that we have to be careful and not get carried away. Most importantly to get value for every dollar we spend doesn’t matter if it’s high end or drugstore, make each dollar count. With that enjoy this post and the rest of 2011 and I’ll see you all in 2012!!!!!!!!
As a Christmas gift to myself I bought somethings from Chanel
I was so excited, look how cute this complimentary holiday gift box was 🙂 I got the infamous Soleil Tan de Chanel and Illusion D’Ombre in Epatant.
Anyway this post is not about all this fabulous packaging, it’s about what I saw when I opened the eyeshadow. Despite the gorgeousness of this shadow I was shocked to see how little product was in the jar.
L to R: Epatant and Illusoire 
Can you see the difference? Can you see that Epatant has noticeably less product than the other shadow. It was not dried out, or balled up as I’ve seen on other YT videos or blogs. It was just less product. I was crushed and I comtemplated whether or not to keep it or return it. Then I figured I had to make sure it so the scientist in me screamed don’t be impulsive be analytical (I hope that made sense). So to put my Ph.D to good use I carried out a simple experiment. Question – does Epatant weigh less than a similar shadow?
 Weigh paper blanked to zero so that 1) the jars do not get dirty and 2) we have a starting weight
Illusoire (product, jar and lid) weighs in at 57.89g. 
Note each jar states the weight of the product is 4g, ignoring the fact that I’ve used this three times, we can therefore deduce that the weight of a typical empty jar with lid is 53.89g.
Epatant weighs in at 55.37g (note weigh paper was once again zeroed) 
1) The difference between the two weights 55.89-55.37= 2.52g
2) If we assume the weight of the jar is 53.89g then the contents weigh 1.48g which means that Epatant is 2.52g less (4g – 1.48g = 2.52g) than Illusoire.
There was no doubt I was at the UPS store as soon as it opened the next day returning this shadow, thanks to the complimentary shipping label provided by Chanel. I can’t wait to get  refunded so that I can repurchase it either from again from or Nordstrom.
If this was a dollar I’d probably let it slide but $36 is a lot of money from my wallet so I have to make it count. I mean 2.52 g is a lot of product to be missing. If I worked at Chanel I would never let this happen. I’ve seen in some reviews where the shadow balls up if the jar is dropped or comes shrunken. If the shape changes it still should be 4g, if it is dehydrated then it should be returned as the packaging is faulty but R&D and QC should have foreseen all the ways/conditions in which this type of shadow can be altered. 
I hope you all enjoyed my little experiment 😉 and when I eventually repurchase I’ll do a look.

MAC Morning Frost EOTD & Review

 I’ve become addicted to Paintpots and cream eyeshadows in the last two months. This was the only item I got from the MACs Glitter and Ice Holiday Collection. For some reason this shade comes off as silver on my skin and as such much of what I put over it has a silverish look to it. It’s still pretty. Below is the usual look I do using Morning Frost. It’s a lovely champange frost with subtle microglitter and it’s even workplace appropriate.
Primer- Benefit Stay Don’t Stray
Base- MAC Morning Frost Paint Pot
Shadow- Stila Beach Collection #1
Eyeliner- MUFE Brow Enhancer #4
Mascara – Rimmel Sexy Curves

I really dislike this Stila palette so much (already gifted to someone who may love it), I’ve tried to work with it in many different ways  and over many different bases but the colors all blend into a single taupe color (I love taupe but these colors do not stand out on their own not even the green).  

Review: Estee Lauder Double Wear Cream Shadows

Lovely gold… a week ago Estee Lauder was offering free shipping and gift wrapping with any online purchase. I love the gold embossed tissue paper (only down side is that the gold transfers if you rub it). Anyway, I recently purchased two of their DoubleWear Shadow Creams (I am officially obsessed with cream eye products) in Precious Jade and Smokey Twilight.
Precious Jade is a moss green shadow with gold shimmer, while Smokey Twilight is a dark blue grey shimmer (online this appears as a true navy blue, which was why I got it, it is far from navy). The jade was true to the online photo. Each shadow retails for $17.50 for 5g (the same price and quantity of a MAC paint pot). 
I wore Precious Jade and the wear time is okay lasted for the 8hrs I had it on. The only thing is that for some reason I wanted the green to be more vibrant. The shimmer is not micro glitter, so there is no fallout and as paint pots or the MUFE aqua creams you’ll have to work fast before it sets.
Would I repurchase – only if they had a really knock out shade but over all I am pleased with my purchase as I am with any other Estee Lauder product.
Precious Jade & Smokey Twilight

Review: Urban Decay Cream Shadows

These were on sale at Urban for $3 (retails for $17). These are not currently on the site so I’m not sure if they were discontinued. I’ve found these work best with a primer, as they crease when used as a base. Overall I really like them but since I’m happy with these four I don’t think I’ll purchase any more unless they were free.

Whipped- champagne
Surburbia- rose gold
Rehab- nice warm taupe (completely different on my skin,
it’s more brown then orange)
Mushroom – grey-tapue with microglitter