Makeup by One Direction “The Up All Night” Collection

20140730_192451-1The hit boy band One Direction is about to launch their first ever makeup collection. I think this is the first time a boy group has released makeup, they typically stick to fragrances. On August 11th  “The Looks Collection” will debut and includes three sets “Up All Night”,  “Take Me Home” and “Midnight Memories”.

Each set includes a mascara, eye/body crayon, nail polish, eye shadow palette, lipstick, lip gloss and stencil set aka “One Direction Doodles”. I received the “Up All Night” set which was neatly packaged in a collectible tin for the fun, flirty girl.


20140730_192650From left to right products include  (1) Stand Up – dark very gorgeous denim crayon that can be used for an eye shadow base, liner or body crayon, see swatches here. The set came with One Direction Doodle stencils that you can be used for some body art or doodling all over ones possessions and one professes their love for 1D (check them out here). (2) The 4+1 eye shadow palette of versatile neutrals and playful blues, see review here. (3) Taken – a glow in the dark glittery pink lip gloss, (4) I Should Have Kissed You – glittery bubblegum pink liquigloss glow gloss (see review and swatches here). (5) A perfectly black volumizing mascara “Little Black Dress” and an aqua-blue metallic duo chrome nail polish called “Na Na Na” (see manicure here). As an added bonus 1D threw in a 5 piece decorator stencil set to create all the 1D doodles ones heart desires.

20140730_193031The inside of tin cover has three looks and swatches of the other items. This surprisingly a fun collection and the items are all fun and would definitely appeal to any and every 1D fan.

Macy’s – August 11th
Stage Stores – August 25th
Dillards – August 25th
Beauty Brands – August 25th
Lord and Taylor – August 25th

My overall thoughts – The products in this collection were surprisingly good. Although I am not a fan of bright neon pink lip products the quality was on par with other brands. The eye shadows in the palette were so smooth and soft and the colors  wearable. My favorite items were the Na Na Na nail polish, Stand Up eye crayon (I love this!!!! The color is gorgeous and I have used it as a liner all this past week) and the Little Black Dress mascara is very nice.

The Makeup by One Direction “Up All Night” collection is a decent collection and a perfect gift for any 1D fan.

Overall I give this collection


Disclaimer: The product has been received from Markwins International and their representatives through BrandBacker for review considerations. This does not  influence my opinion and this review is based on my experience with the product.  You can keep up to date with the release of  the collection @ Makeup by One Direction

Wet N’ Wild Depotting – DIY 2014 #1

Here is the first DIY of the New Year. In the continued effort to de-clutter I decided to finally depot all my Wet N’ Wild shadows. I only kept two of the more neutral palettes that I usually carry in my makeup bag and depotted the rest. I also depotted a few single ELF and NYX shadows. The easiest ones to depot (with zero casualties) were the NYX. Most of the WnW came out undamaged but I found if heated too much especially the mattes they will over bake and crack. I was able to get all these done with one tea light. I tried to depot the NYX 10 pan palettes but that did not go very well.
Tools– empty 15 pan palette (with insert removed); tea light; paper towels and makeup remover for clean up (water does not work very well); razor blade (single edge is the best, a knife or push pin are not as versatile).

Review: The Sally Hansen #CSMTKO Knock Out VoxBox – Influenster’14

I received the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Total Knock Out  (CSMTKO) VoxBox for review and I love them. I have been a fan of the Complete Salon Manicure for a while and already had a few in my collection. This VoxBox contained a trio of polishes Pat on the Black (blackened purple), Red My Lips (bright red) & Jaded (mint green).
SHCSM claims 5 advantages over other brands:
(1)The Color Coverage  (2) Speed of application (3) Streak free application (4) The brush (5) Saving time.

I would agree with 1,2, 4 & 5. I had streaking with only one coat and had to do two for Pat on the Black and three for Red My Lips (this had more of a gel polish finish).

In conjunction with the brush which is pretty good, there are 7 additional benefits: (1) Base coat (2) Strengthener (3) Growth treatment (4) Color (5) Top coat  (6) Chip Resistant  and (7) Gel Shine Finish. I would agree with these claims I did’t need a base or top coat (no nail stains), it was chip resistant  and didn’t peel either (wore mine for 5 days), and  the shine is pretty good. Overall this is both a worthwhile investment and addition to any makeup collection. The SH CSM are available everywhere grocery store, drugstores, big chain retailers and online and retails between $5.99 and $8.99. Most of the ones I have I got on sale from Walgreens and CVS (about $2.50 each).


20140113_155544-1                                                                                                        Pat on the Black 

20140121_083029-1Red My Lips

20140121_183210-1My other Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes.


Why I LOVE Perfume

For the life of me cannot remember where I got this from but I copied it from either another blog or Pinterest and wanted to share it. I have a very strong feeling it was from a Pinterest board and the link to the actual site was broken.
If you have been following my blog for awhile now you know my love for perfume. I love it and I have almost 40 full size bottles in addition to sample vials, travel sprays/rollerballs.
The quotes below pretty much sum up how I feel. I love perfume and I don’t think you can ever have too many bottles, seeing as there are 365 days in the year. Each day presents a new possibility to escape on a scent journey, evoke and create new memories.
A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.
Coco Chanel
A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.
Christian Dior
A perfume is an emotion that men and women can share.
Sylvaine Delacourte
Perfume is the most intense form of memory.  
Jean-Paul Guerlain
Perfume is all encompassing and magical.  How incredible to think that this invisible cloak can wrap itself around us, unlock our emotions and hold us spellbound with the stories it unfolds.  
Olivia Giacobetti
With one breath of her scent I forfeit my kingdom, with another 
I forfeit my soul.
Roja Dove

Where do I purchase my perfumes: Sephora, The Body Shop/Bath & Body Works, small indie etailers and

My current collection minus a few newly acquired bottles and samples.

Sigma Beauty Launches ENLIGHT Collection 12.09.13

Well it seems Sigma has gone back into the makeup business with full force. I remember a few years ago when they carried eyeshadows and blushes (I think). Those were discontinued and they solely focused on their brush line. Over the last year and change I noticed they released YouTube Blogger inspired eyeshadow palettes and a few others. Now they are set to launch their new ENLIGHT Collection next Monday December 9, 2013.
They are presenting this collection as a new take on neutrals. There is a 12-pan palette, 3 brushes, 3 glosses, 3 eyeliners, 3 blushes and 3 eyeshadow bases. Items can be purchased individually (I assume) with prices ranging from $9 – $39 or as a set (includes everything in the pic below) for $165. If you are a Sigma fan or know of one this would make a really nice gift.
The image is courtesy of an affiliate email I received. Please note this is not a sponsored post. I am or I should say was a Sigma affiliate but have never actually participated in or made money from the program. Today is giving Tuesday so I thought I share.

Fragrance Haul & Review..Well That’s Interesting Pt.2

Another haul from but this time its eBay Store.  I got Black Lace by Dana, Coty’s Healing Garden Gingerlily Therapy and Mambo by Liz Claiborne. Check out my first haul in this series where I buy ‘non-mainstream’ or ‘vintage’ or ‘classic’ scents to try and hopefully discover new loves. These three cost me around $21 with free shipping.
Black Lace is described as containing dark, sensual and exotic notes and was launched in 2002 by Dana. Top notes – red berries, bergamot and black tea petals. Middle –  water lily, cyclamen, violet, black rose and orange blossom. Base- blonde woods, sandalwood, ebony and black lilac. 
It is an EDT and the scent does not last very long as it faded within the hour but left a nice light scent. I think it would be perfect not for a night out but for a night in, running quick errands etc.
VerdictI think I’ll hang on to this one and give it a chance.

Healing Garden’s Gingerliliy is an exotic blend of fruity florals that was launched by Coty in 1990. It boasts notes of peppermint, ginger, a blend lilies, rosemary, cypress, st. john’s wort and eucalyptus. It is described on it’s box its joyful essence awakens feeling of pure delight, and uplifting positivity. I think this would make a great scent to wear on gloomy, rainy perhaps chilly days. It will certainly uplift one’s spirit. I want to wear this on one of those days curled up under a thick cozy blanket watching something British. If you like ginger tea on a cold day or when you are cold you’ll like this.
VerdictI use this mostly at night when I want to fall asleep. I spray it only on my wrist and then follow up with my Origins Ginger hand lotion.
Mambo for Woman by Liz Claiborne is a Floral Fruity fragrance launched in 2001. Top notes are mandarin orange, mango and ylang-ylang; middle are orange blossom, hibiscus and ginger and base are sandalwood, musk and vanilla. 
I am so happy that I finally got my hands on this fragrance. I have had it on my list for quite awhile now. It can be worn day or night and is perfect for late Summer and Fall. I am so happy!!! This fragrance makes me happy. It dries down after an hour but lingers the rest of the day.
VerdictDefinitely keeping this one.

Updated Perfume/Fragrance Collection 2013

As I get ready to put away my Spring/Summer scents I thought I’d share my collection in a post. I love watching perfume collection videos in YT, and I follow a couple of amazing blogs. 
I love perfume!!! As you can see below, it’s a good thing I have a double sink in my bathroom (which is dark 22hrs of the day). I am currently looking for an armoire/bureau in dark wood. 
 I am obsessed with scents and use them all. This year I started to try scents that are not really celebrity or popular. Those that were popular back in the day and are still available from various fragrance eStores. Although I am not a celebrity fan I have a few that seem to stand out from the rest but I mostly have designer scents. I have a mix of mists, EDTs and EDP.
On my current scent wish list is SeeByChloe, Daisy Eau So Fresh & D&G Light Blue.
Current scent obsession: philosophy’s Living Grace

What’s in my collection? Body Butters/The Body Shop

I am a big fan of The Body Shop’s Body Butters. I usually stock up on Coconut and Papaya but have expanded my tastes to try some others and have settled on the lovelies below. Since the holidays they have had a couple of amazing sales and there is no better time to stock up than during a sale. These are the only moisturizer I use.
 My favorite from the core line is Coco Butter (goes well with any fragrance) and perfumed is White Musk Libertine (amazing with its name sake perfume and Vera Wang’s Princess).
Moringa is a gorgeous, soft, subtle white floral. Rose is a rose and is light and airy, not like the ‘grandma rose’. I think the thickest one is Vanilla (only comes out at Christmas) and needs a bit more work to rub in but smells amazing. Mango is just right for Spring/Summer.
Body Butters currently in use.

Disclaimer: I purchased all the butters myself.

Leona Lewis Collection for The Body Shop – Review and Swatches

I haven’t really heard or read much about this collection. The Leona Lewis Collection was debuted in US Body Shops on April 15th. When it came out I was lucky enough to get a few pics and swatches of the products at one of the stores. This review is just about the products not the cause nor the artist.
Initially, I noticed the display for this collection was rather small and tucked away in between the other makeups. I also noticed that last year’s beauty ambassador Lilly Cole still had her banner up so I was rather confused.
The packaging was kind of cute, it was a deer (I am assuming that is Leona’s fav animal?) Honestly, I think one of the main reasons this collection may have been a bit disappointing was that there was nothing new or creative except for the lip glosses.
The very small section the collection called home.
The fragrance was a revamped White Musk Libertine in a limited-edition bottle (my favorite TBS fragrance) which I will review it at a later date.


Apart from the fragrance the collection included a rather weird looking blusher brush that no one seemed to like or get the concept of, two shimmer palettes and four glosses (I only saw three).

Deerlicious Fuschia, Deerlicious Bronze and Deerlicious Petal Lip Glosses.


Bronzer & Blush Shimmer Palettes
I’m not sure if the shimmer palettes were to be unique or just the already existing palettes in limited edition packaging. Neither the bronze or blush palettes was unique, the colors of the deer to me were already in the other palettes (3 of the 5 waves).
I wished the collection included a shimmer cube palette (my all time fav TBS product) and really unique products like the Lily Cole collection, maybe new eyeliners. For that reason I think others along with myself were a bit disappointed. Lily Cole was a hit because the products were unique and could sell themselves, Leona’s is just repackaged ones basically.
Another reason this collection may not have been a hit, is that no one in the US really identified with Leona. I know who she was but nobody else I know knew. I think The Body Shop should work on carefully selecting their future global ambassadors. Either use a celebrity everyone knows (and the collection will sell no matter what) or select a pretty girl from each continent but the collection should be able to stand by itself and blow people away.
They should hire me to conceptualize and market their collections. The collection is still available online but I am not sure about in stores.
I hope the next one will be amazing.

Disclaimer: All images except for the fragrance ( were taken by me.