The Body Shop Shimmer Cube Palette #15 – review & swatches

Continuing the review and swatches of my The Body Shop Shimmer Cube Collection, I present #15. This palette is one of the more brightly colored member of this line of shadows from TBS. It consists of the basics red, blue, green and yellow. The colors are nice and will give a light wash of color but #15 is not as pigmented or smooth in the application as the other palettes. Would compliment cream bases of the same color family. My recommendation would be o use these wet to amplify the colors.
L to R: Sea Blue, Golden Sun, Meadow Green & Fiery Red
(applied dry as the other palettes in this review series).

The Body Shop Shimmer Cube #22 – review & swatches

During The Body Shop’s Black Friday sale (buy 3 for $30 and everything else is $10) I came across a new shimmer cube. I have been waiting all year for a new one and I almost missed it. If you like, no love green eyeshadow this palette is for you. Last year, I begun swatching some of my shimmer cubes see #7, #17, #18, #19 and #24. I now have 10 palettes in my little collection. I am a huge fan and collector.
Shimmer cubes retail for $22 but it’s always best to buy them during one of the TBSs many sales. Overall, the colors are gorgeous, the pigmentation outstanding, can be used wet (with a brush) or dry (with the fingers). The darkest colors also double as eyeliner (use with a thin angle brush).




L to R: pure turquoise, mint green, silver grey (a green based taupe) & forest green. Note this is only one swipe of each shadow, super pigmentation.

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter Review…5 Stars

Words cannot describe how amazing this new product from The Body Shop is, simply amazing. I am in love and I use it every other day (alternating with my Boscia Cleansing Oil) to remove a full face of makeup. It is the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. It retails for $15.00 (76g).
It comes in a tin similar to shoe polish and with a screw top. It smells divine and it actually works. Simply scoop up a small amount and apply to face. Massage off makeup win small circular motions.
This ‘butter’ literally melts the makeup right off, even eyeshadow and waterproof mascara. It is an all-in-one winner. Then rinse off with very warm water. It leaves the skin very clean, no oily residue. 
I love this and must give it 5 stars. I am very impressed, so impressed I bought 2 more in the recent Labor Day sale B2G2F plus 10% off (LYB card). Once my Boscia is finished I think I will be solely using the cleansing butter, it is that good.
Disclaimer: The top image is from and the other two are mine. I purchased these products with my own funds.

White Musk Libertine Fragrance Review

White Musk Libertine was introduced by The Body Shop in 2011. It is a delightful musk all around and its composition includesTurkish delight; rose, almond, honey and milk.
My thoughts: It is hands down my favorite scent from TBS, and is a younger, lighter departure from the company’s signature White Musk. I enjoy wearing this either with a neutral/fragrance – free lotion or with the complimentary body butter/cream. This can be worn in the Fall, Spring and Summer, it would be too light for winter.
Also included in this line is a body mist, shower gel, body butter, lotion, EDP and EDT.

Image courtesy of the

DIY – Storage for Nail Tools

I bought these two gift boxes at the Body Shop a few months ago because I thought they would make perfect storage drawers for all my nail care/manicure products/tools. They are pretty and cute and do not look out of place. I think the were $3 each and were worth it.

Perfect Summer Scent..White Musk Sunset Glow

The Body Shop launched White Musk Sun Glow in April 2012. It is a fresh and sensual perfume, with notes of lemon, peony, sandalwood and musk. It is elegant and sensuous that is perfect for summer nights. And yes it is. I love this perfume and brought it with me to California because I feel this is how Southern California smells. If you can before it’s discontinued for ever, smell it. It is not overpowering but I wouldn’t wear it on a really humid afternoon/evening, it would be too much. Just amazing, I wear it only in the summer evenings.
I got this on clearance recently at the Body Shop with my own funds.
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What’s in my collection? Body Butters/The Body Shop

I am a big fan of The Body Shop’s Body Butters. I usually stock up on Coconut and Papaya but have expanded my tastes to try some others and have settled on the lovelies below. Since the holidays they have had a couple of amazing sales and there is no better time to stock up than during a sale. These are the only moisturizer I use.
 My favorite from the core line is Coco Butter (goes well with any fragrance) and perfumed is White Musk Libertine (amazing with its name sake perfume and Vera Wang’s Princess).
Moringa is a gorgeous, soft, subtle white floral. Rose is a rose and is light and airy, not like the ‘grandma rose’. I think the thickest one is Vanilla (only comes out at Christmas) and needs a bit more work to rub in but smells amazing. Mango is just right for Spring/Summer.
Body Butters currently in use.

Disclaimer: I purchased all the butters myself.