Haul and Review: L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows

I found these at Target on the last day of 2011 for 3.5 g for $6.99 (cheaper than the drug store). It’s best to purchase these by combining the many $1 off L’Oreal coupons available weekly online or in the Sunday paper. These Infallible shadows are the drugstore versions (NOT dupes) of the higher end Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill (4g for $32). Both brands are under the flagship store L’Oreal and the concept, packaging, technology are the same. They are highly compressed pigments and each jar comes with a little stopper which helps to keep the shadow intact (it’s advised not to throw them away).
The GAETK shades are unique in that they are hybrids of usually 2 colors, that when blended gives you a new shade (see comparison at the end). I think both are worth it.
L to R: Golden Sage ( a golden olive) and Amber Rush (copper/light penny shade)

                        Perpetual Purple (a nice purple shade with blue and purple shimmer)

 Midnight Blue– a gorgeous sapphire blue, however it needs a little work as one swatch shows it’s not as pigmented as the others. The swatch on the left is four swatches, so you’d have to build it up on the lids.

Sultry Smoke – an industrial grey that I actually like, I think it’s the only one that is not shimmery. It has more of a matte/satin finish and the color reminds me of that oil paint used to paint to floors of schools, factories etc.
 A little extra comparison:
L to R: L’Oreal Golden Sage & Amber Rush and GAETK #15 Copper Impress
See you in the next post 🙂

P.S. I have two more coming that I just ordered from Ulta. I need to stop!!!!

Review: MAC Venetian Tarnish Metal-X-Cream Shadow

 Very pretty, smooth, shiny finish and despite the many negative reviews that these shadows are not long lasting, crease instantly etc., I disagree. I especially want to get my hands on Vintage Coin which has been forever sold out.

 L to R: MAC Venetian Tarnish and GAETK #15. I initially thought VT very similar to #15 but when swatched it’s more bronze.

Taken after a very long day at work, VT on the lids and, #15 in the crease and a blending color from the CS 28 neutral palette.

Review: Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill #15

GAETK #15 is not always available on department stores websites. It seems to be a mix of #14 a gold/copper and #13 the black. This shade is described/called Copper Impress, a mix of black, copper and grey. It is gorgeous in it’s little pot.

A very light swatch (I’m not wasting my $32 for 0.14 oz) on heavy swatching sorry). It comes off as a very soft burnt/tarnished gold, it’s smooth and easy to blend. 
Armani has a line of these permanent pressed shadows that appear as a mix of two distinct colors in the pot, but when applied blend to create a similar but different shade. In a future post I will review GAETK little drugstore siblings.