Color changing….wooo

Kryolan color changing jade eye dust shadow (satin finish) that I ordered from Shrinkle on ebay arrived and I love it!!!!

It starts out lime green and gets darker the more you rub it in, how cool is that. Here’s a link to a more comprehensive review on this shadow which I found on Petrilude’s site.

 This was where I first saw it and fell in live, it’s well worth the money (only $7) and the jar is about 3g, it will last a very long time. This is perfect for people who love varying shades of green and it’s all in one jar.

Great purchase 🙂

Mini Avon review

I’ll review something since I am having writers block ( I should be working on my dissertation but I’m lazy). In my recent Avon purchase I got:

  •  the Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray
  •  the all-in-one brush set 
  •  sparkle eyeshadow stick in sorbet and latte among some other things.

Let me first start with the bad:  I did not like the brush set, they claimed it’s made from natural bristles but they are synthetic and very hard. I guess you get what you pay for since it was on sale but I was surprised with how hard the bristles were, I won’t be using the eyeshadow brushes on my eyes at all. I think I’ll use them on my lips and keep the set as decoration. 
Cute but two thumbs down.

 Now on to my favs from this purchase I used the liquid freeze after painting my nails with blue flare (which I got in December but they now longer have it), it works and  has a pleasant smell.

Next I got two shimmer eyeshadow sticks and I love them, I’ve wore both and I really like these two shades ( I got 2 of the 3 they offered). Sorbet was a light pink and the latte was coffee colored, they were on sale for $1.99, they stayed on all day. I like these.

I also got  a buy one get one free ‘moisture effective eye makeup remover lotion‘ which I haven’t used yet.
 Oh I also got mini lip glazes in peach fuzz and raisin, these are really pigmented mini glazeware lip glosses for .99 cents. I love these, I use a little with some gloss and they last for a couple of hours. I had gotten iced pink and darling pink before and really liked them.

I’m anticipating my other purchases, and some more stuff I bought two days ago (this snow storm was bad in more ways than one) I didn’t spent that much for all the stuff I got but i don’t really like spending money. But I’ll share my like and dislikes with you guys.

Mini glazes: love
Sparkle eyeshadow sticks: love
nail polish quick freeze: like
brush set: dislike

Online deals and Snow

Being trapped inside by tons of snow is not good. Why? I can’t get any of my goodies they are either still in transit and since the U.P.S is off today they’re not moving or at my parents house (more secure to ship there). But believe me when they get here I will be so happy.

I had a bad experience with my apt office with a Estee Lauder (EL) package, long story short; we have a front desk person and a leasing office, when FedEx, DHL or UPS comes they never leave packages without a signature from a person that works in the office. They can’t enter the building because it’s keyless entry, anyway whoever signed for it left the sticker on my mailbox, I go to collect it and they tell me they don’t have it *^%. They swear it was never dropped off, I even got the electronic signature from UPS and they still lied to me. I had some really good stuff from EL; eyeshadows, glosses and eyeliners with free samples. I was so mad, so I called them and of course they are so nice they replaced everything and I decided to go to the UPS distribution center to pick it up. One of the samples (0.5oz) was one of the best facial moisturizers I have ever used OMG!! I love it, but now it’s finished and I’m really contemplating going back to one of my regular very good moisturizes (Olay, Garnier Fructis) which are way cheaper than a full size jar of this. I have to save up for it ($ 38) but I think it’s worth it and I will purchase it one day.

So being trapped inside and bored I’m online looking for deals (when I should be preparing a manuscript and designing experiments), I’m shopping but I did very well my friends I did very well, 22 items from ELF for $24.95 (including shipping, they had a new deal). They have deals everyday, each new email has something juicy. So that’s coming I love there stuff, as I mentioned in my last post, I’ll show a pic of them.
I have in mind what I’m going to treat myself for my birthday, I have my eye on a couple of Coastal Scents palettes and a beauty on the go kit from Sigma Makeup (I saw this somewhere while I was browsing very late last night).

Only $1

Two days this week I’ve been wearing this eye shadow I got way back in ’07 that was sitting in my stash. I like ELF products not only because they’re cute but because they are cheap. These along with a whole host of other products cost only a $1, what’s not to love. I wore buttercup which is warm (I like shades of brown) and am getting a couple of others. You should check out the site, they currently have free shipping for $75 or more but hey you can get 75 different things that will last you quite a while. But if you’re really on a budget has $25 or more free shipping and they carry ELF products. They are definitely worth it.

My goodies are in transit and I can’t wait to get them it’ll be like Christmas in February.

Lots of Goodies

I’m so excited I have lots of goodies coming in the mail. I know I should not shop but be frugal and save but I am always wise in my shopping ‘sprees’ whether online or in-store. I usually, well 97% of the time only buy online when a good ‘free shipping’ deal is offered with some perks like good size free samples. Also I always go for clearance/sale first and foremost, why buy regular price when you can get it on sale.
Avon had free shipping on >$10 (you can’t beat that) so since I haven’t bought anything since last year and I didn’t have to spend money on coffee and lunch (thanks to a couple of lunch time talks and $2 lunch items in the supermarket) in the past two weeks. I spent $25 and that includes tax and one or two buy 1 get one free deals 🙂 I got 11 items that will last a very long time even with frequent use (nail polish, brushes, lip glosses, makeup removers, eye shadows and a couple other things).

NB: sign up for email alerts so you can get coupons and shipping deals. As a poor grad student soon to be post-doc, I know a good deal when I see one.

I am a big, no a huge fan of Petrilude (check him out) and he used a eyeshadow that I had to immediately have and I bought immediately (check out the link and where you can get it) $7. So my obsession continued and for $9 and change (+ free shipping) I got 5 shadow samples from GlamourDollEyes at a gram each (I saw these eyeshadows on a youtube tutorial). Stop the presses, 1 gram of eyeshadow (weigh out 1 gram of any chemical and you’ll see how much that is) my day couldn’t get any better. But it did I remembered that tomorrow I’m going to Sephora(who gives free samples) with a friend from the next lab, our fave activity apart from science of course.
So that’s roughly $41 (17 items) that I treated myself to.
So when I saw the new L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara advertised I had to get one, after a couple of weeks I found it in Target ($7.99).

Verdict: It’s awesome, I wore it to school and although I has a busy day it held up pretty well.
Durability: Good
Clumping: Minimal
Lash separation: Good

The design of the brush allows for easy use (it was the primary reason I bought it) and the head is very flexible. The only thing is that I’m not sure if it’s waterproof (it wasn’t indicated on the package).

Good buy.

At Long Last…

This blog is a testament to my obssession with beauty products, as time goes on you’ll see . I am a big fan of Avon, Estee Lauder, Covergirl, Sephora, Body Shop, Bath & Body, Loreal, Maybelline etc, among many others.
I love makeup, perfume, lotions and neat little beauty gadgets. There will be no tutorials (videos etc) but I’ll post pics of stuff I already have, new purchases and wish list items and give my opinion. Things that are practical for days busy spent doing research and having coffee. For example if you have a long day at lab, there are a couple of talks, you have to be on the microscope, have to be in the cold room and there’s a departmental reception in the afternoon. You want to look good all day, so what can hold up to such a busy day e.g powder or cream base eyeshadow, lipstick vs a long wear stain or gloss. That’s where I can help because my days are like that and I thing about these things too.
I know what you’re thinking another beauty blog, aren’t there millions already on the web but you’ve never had one by a scientist ( a person least likely to be into this sort of thing and whose cheap) but today’s scientists are a new breed. We’re more tech advance, more socially conscious etc, and on average younger and more hipper. I may go into to science of a few products especially if the ingredients shouldn’t be used on our skin. I will not be talking about little bunnies and puppies and testing (I’m staying clear).
Although a lab is not a runway, or a nightclub, I like to look nice but not over the top you’ll never know who you’ll meet on a daily basis.
Q: Have a lipstick that’s a bit wow (the nightclub/weekend one) but you want to wear it to the one day program retreat?
A: Prime lips with petroleum jelly, use a finger or a lip brush and apply a small amount to bottom lip, rub lips to spread evenly, dab lips with clear high gloss, rub lips together again. It works trust me. This allows you to use what you already have (if you haven’t yet bought lip stains or tainted glosses).