DIY makeup palettes (de-potting sans fire) for FREE!!!

Last weekend while at home I decided to get creative and make my own eyeshadow palettes. I’ve seen many youtube videos on CD case palettes and bingo!!! I was like I should recycle my CD cases. I had a ton since I’ve put all my music in iTunes.

The makeup below (CoverGirl, Milani, Loreal, Maybelline, Black Radiance and Sephora) were depotted without using a heat source. 

Tools used: thumb tack, pretty paper & trinkets, CD cases and glue (I reused the glue that was on the bottom of the pans, but went out to buy more). 
I discovered that most quads/single have a hole at the back of the plastic and you can just push out the pans. Those without holes I used a razor blade to wedge between the pan and palstic and gently lift them out without cracking the shadows.

I used origami paper and scrapbook embellishments to decorate.

I made a lot!!!!

Why pay a ton of money for something you can essentially make for free, if you want to change out the shadows you can you double sided tape, or regular tape.

More soap samples …….

So I got some more soap from my fav soap lady (see previous post for website). I usually buy from the clearance section and asked for a few samples of the regular priced ones I’m interested in.

I got pear berry, pear spice and heather.

My second soap sample pack came from the Anderson Soap Company I only paid for shipping for this sample pack.

Included in this sample pack are:
Polyester Tweed Olive Oil Soap
* Blackberry Sage Olive Oil Soap

* Tangerine Bergamot Olive Oil Soap
* Basil Lime Papaya Olive Oil Soap
* Kyomai Olive Oil Soap
* Tea Tree Olive Oil Soap
* Sunflower Olive Oil Soap

All for $10

I got these three items for roughly $10 last week at Walgreens. Rimmel had a 50% off sale on eye and lip products (got two mascaras) and a Wet ‘n Wild liquid eyeliner in Prune.

Let me just say as a first time Rimmel user I like their mascaras. I’ve wore these two all of this week and I’m pleased, they didn’t clump or run (packaging does not indicate whether they’re waterproof or not). 
The liner looks darker in the tube but it’s a really nice mid-tone purple.

CVS has buy one get one free for both brands this week (sale ends tomorrow).

Soap Soap Soap

I got this soap at Marshal’s this weekend for $3.99, it weighs over a pound (20 oz). It smells heavenly, the lather is great and it doesn’t leave a film on my skin.
 I’ve been on a soap frenzy for the last month and have been trying out things.


I found this website  Girly Bath Desserts on one of my fav blogs, so I got a sampler pack of 12 different handmade soaps and one that was on sale, I only paid shipping and handling which wasn’t bad and she even gave me a refund. I love most of the scents and have even purchased a few, my favs are Pear Spice and Almond Icing. Each weighs 4 oz and the packaging is really cute, even includes a handmade flower and card.

Sephora Birthday Goodies!!!

I’ve been away too long!!!!

This was some goodies I bought myself for my birthday last month. The most expensive item was the bag ($7) and everything else was between $2 – $5. I got a couple of body scrubs (jasmine – I love this scent so much and a peach scented one), a jasmine shower gel and a coconut bubble bath. I got a few free samples as well as a free deluxe ‘Icelandic’ face wash.
I also got a “FACE” makeup remover and mask, green eyeshadow (really pretty) and a duo cake eyeliner in green (again really pretty).

And last but not least “Beauty Insider” birthday gift a trio of mini Sephora lip glosses. Also a lip liner in nude.

All in all everything came up less than $50 and there was a free shipping special so I took it 🙂

Buy one get one free

On my way home from school today (I was so bored, I think I’m over being a scientist) I stopped at Rite Aid for to see what they had on sale.
This week Cover Girl was Buy One Get One Free my favorite deal so for $26 I got;
2 CG Volume Lash Blast Mascaras
2 CG Line Exact (eyeliner)
2 CG Lip Slicks (lip balm)
2 Wet n’ Wild Mega Mixers (lip gloss) (buy 1 get 1 50% off)

I want…

I really want to try this face scrub!!
It’s from IQQU Beauty and I was reading someone’s blog awhile back and they raved about this jasmine rice scrub and it’s only $15.

Yesterday I was in the grocery store  and went into the beauty section only to see N.Y.C was on sale. This wasn’t a buy 1 get 1 free sale, or buy 2 get 1 free.
Everything was on sale from $0.49 to $1.99 I could not believe my eyes and to top it of everything was already gone 😮 

I hope they plan on restocking soon, when I buy “drugstore” makeup whether pharmacy or Walmart or Target it has to be on SALE. 
That’s the only way I feel I’ll get my money’s worth, but then on the other hand I have no problem spending $$$$ on a single item in Macy’s or Sephora or Body Shop. Case in point, Clinique mascara in yesterday’s post $14 and I got a $14 lipgloss, did I feel bad about spending that much, NO. 
Would I if it was Target YES!!! I’d probably return it too.
 What is wrong here?????

Fav Product of the Week

I got the new Clinique mascara on Sunday and I like it. 

I got it mainly because of the different brush design and so far so good.  
I’ve worn it everyday this week and have no complaints.

Overall: 4.5 out of 5

Couch no Lab…..

I didn’t go into lab today, cell sorting was exhausting yesterday. Isolating rare cell types from a freshly harvested mouse organs involves 6-7 hours prepping and then up to 3 hours sometimes longer sorting time. I’m pooped today so I didn’t budge from my couch. But I did manage to shop ( I really need to stop) but I think it was a good deal (will share later) and do my nails.

Today’s nail color:
NYX Hawaii, this is a really nice color with pastel blue and green shimmer (iridescent blue and green). I applied two coats over Avon’s Smooth Beginnings and NYC top coat. 
I think I’d have to apply 3-4 coats since I can still see my nail through the 2 (I hate that).

A quick note…

I’m staining some cells for sorting so I thought I’d quickly review the nail polish I’m wearing. I bought a couple of NYX nail polishes from for $1.50 each (now it’s buy 2 get 1 free). I love the colors and I can only wear one at a time and still be viewed as a sane scientist.
The frosty look is from the bottle, but this polish “Penny” is so pretty. It’s not the color of a penny but that of a deep lilac.

Very nice!!