365 Days until 40 – Challenge Set

This past Friday, I celebrated my birthday and set a goal to blog every day until my next birthday. Next year I will be 40 and my blog will be 9!!!! I am disbelief, I will have been on this earth for 4 decades.

So every day until then, I will post about something that reflects the nature of this blog, beauty & skincare. Even if it is one word. I found this easier than trying to do the 40 things before 40, that everyone else does. I don’t have 40 things I want to do before turning 40, I have a million. Over the coming year, I also plan to give this blog a much-needed facelift. A few years ago blogs were in danger of being obsolete given the emergence and popularity of vlogging on YouTube. Note to self I should find a reference for this. But I am seeing a return to blogging trend. I blame all the restrictions and analytics YouTube and Instagram have implemented.

I think this will be a fun challenge of sorts so let’s begin!!!

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Happy December!!!

Happy December everyone!!! I can’t believe it’s already the last month of the year. I’m at home getting ready for the up coming work week and trying very, very hard to resist all these sales. There are so many good sales but I use the mental argument……..”Do I really need this or can I use something I already have?”. The makeup and beauty world has so many tempting things but these cost money even if they are on sale. Self control is key to surviving this time of the year. For the remainder of this month I am going to try to get some reviews posts (I have at least 5 outstanding) up and hopefully some drafts that I have been working on since the start of the year.

Giveaway Winner!!!!

Congratulations to Rainy Days and Lattes for winning the My Scent Refillable Atomizer giveaway!!!!!!

There will be a Tokidoki Giveaway for October so stay tuned 🙂

2012 – A New Year for Great Things

Happy 2012 everyone!!!!
I resisted posting yesterday (edit: 1.7.12 see I didn’t even realize how long ago I started this post) because I spent all day reading everyone else’s 1.1.12 resolutions/posts. I try to avoid personal resolutions because I feel setting goals should be done all year long. What I do instead is make more professional/work related resolutions (which I have a hard time keeping as it is).
But as for this blog and my love for all things beauty related I’ll strive to improve my blog. I have so many posts already done but haven’t published them, I should work on that. I need to stop procrastinating ( I’ve been writing this post since the 2nd), another reason why new year resolutions do not work for me.
Things to look forward to in 2012:

  • Blog anniversary giveaway (2 yrs at the end of this month)
  • Lot’s of reviews of new things I’ll be trying this year (especially on my quest to explore Asian skincare products).
  • Make at least one YouTube video a month (more like just one of I can manage).
See you in the next post


I’m still here!!!!!! I just moved and my internet is not up yet (this weekend) and I can’t really post during the day because of how my desk is position and people stop by my desk to chat all the time. I have a few things to post which I’ll get to soon. I haven’t bought any makeup in a while, no I did but was disappointed in it, but I’ll still share it anyway. I got a couple of other things that I’ll share too.  
Graduation is next week!!!! I can’t believe there’s no more school for me unless I’m mentally unstable and decide I want a law degree or an MBA, but I think a Ph.D is enough. I maybe getting something from my wish list as a gift next week what will it be I’m so excited 🙂
What look would go well with a gold (gown with black stripes) and tam (black with a gold tassel)? I was think of a very neutral look where you can actually see differrent shades of brown.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone who reads this blog regularly or just happens to stumble across it.
2010 has been a year of many things:
– (non makeup related) I finally after many years got my Ph.D, I have a ‘job’ although postdoc fellows don’t get paid much, I can’t complain (I could be uneducated and homeless).
– I finally started this blog something I’ve always wanted to do but just never did.
– I’ve learnt so much from so many beauty bloggers and youtubers over the past year. There are no words. Thank you everyone.
– I’ve learnt to appreciate the many different views people have about beauty.
For 2011:
– To make this blog better and more visible on the web.
– The big news I hinted to before: I’ve decided to get a certification in Makeup Artistry (I’ve started saving up for this and want to take it late spring or at least before the end of the year).
– To learn as much as I can about the beauty world.
– To get a better camera (can’t decide which one) any suggestions.

Well until my next post which I’m putting together right now, thank you all for reading my blog and leaving great comments.

Happy 2011 may it be a year of fabulousness!!!!