Pre-Move Stash

I’m moving in two weeks, I’ve lived here for 6 years ūüôĀ ¬†I’m going to stay with my parents for awhile¬†and help them out with their mortgage etc. until¬†I defend my PhD, hand in my dissertation, start and get settled in my new job. I don’t know how my setup will be or if I’ll have all my things the way I like it. I’m trying to decide where I want to live next, a house, apartment, townhouse or condo but where ever it is I want a washer and dryer in there.
So I’ve decided to share my makeup well since this is a makeup blog. I try to make wise purchases, nothing too expensive. The most single expensive item is the NAKED palette. I shop everywhere from Sephora to the Dollar Store and in between. If I can get samples instead of full size then I’ll try it and I try to stretch my money when and where ever possible.

So enjoy…..

Brushes: ELF, Coastal Scents & fake MAC. I don’t have alot but I need a good set of face brushes

I got this bag with one of the fragrance sets from Victoria’s Secret and I didn’t like it but now I have found the perfect use for it. See below¬†
It can hold six of these small holders

Eyeliners: Cream & liquid 

Mascaras I use everyday (not all at the same time)
 glosses, balms

The pre-move set up, I had it organized differently before I started packing up, but here it is in a nutshell.

Foundation, blushes, bronzer, primer, powder
The last drawer has misc stuff: tape, sponges, tweezers etc

The box on top is my backup box with extra goodies

The next storage item holds shadows and lip stuff. On top is an perfume gift box that I keep perfumes, mists, nail polish removers, lotions, deodorant etc. I only have one perfume right now all my others are finished and I’m waiting for holiday sales to restock on my favorites.
The top drawer holds all my lip products and the images are at the beginning of the post.

CS 88 Shimmer and Warm

CS Creative#2 and 28 Neutral (I watched Enkoren and PurseBuzz’s blogs, see previous posts and other Youtube vids to figure out what MAC dupes these were).

Depotted shadows in a Z-palette and in ELF quads
Paintwheels (I do not like the glitter fallout of these), shimmer cubes from the Body Sho
Wet n Wild, Jesse’s Girl, Revlon etc.

ELF, Maybelline, NYX, Wet n Wild

Urban Decay, Estee Lauder, Lorac, MAC

NYX palettes and an Avon neutral palette
Well that’s all folks

CC Goodies

I bought a couple of polishes + a lipstick from CherryCulture last week and got to goodies today. See below and enjoy, I really have to get a better setup for taking pictures.

Top: Sinful Colors– Speed Up quick dry top coat, Shausha #89, Beautiful Girl #714, Allure#116, Irish Green #198, Jamaican Gold #152, Lets Go Girl #14
Middle: NYX lipstick Brown Sugar #594; LA Girl Nail Thickener; Sinful Colors РMercury Rising #860, Promo #219, Easy Going #700; Milani РSpellbinding #134, Dressmaker #829; Amuse Nail Art in White, Black
Bottom: LA Girl – Bronze Medal #GNL149; LA Colors -Force #NP410, Dark Grey #NP246, Luscious Wine #NP114, Metallic Green #NP286; LA Girl – Brass #GNL146, Matte Indigo #NL534

My nail polish collection as of 9.18.10