What’s in my collection? Lipglosses

Don’t be shocked but this is actually all the lipgloss I currently own (plus 2 in my purse). I did serious purging here (as part of editing my collection) at one point I had two large plastic bins full of glosses. Did I really need that many? No
I have resisted all the sales and new collections. I vow to use these all up before buying anymore, no matter how tempting they may be and before I open the new ones I have (a few Lancome juciy tubes and Rock&Republic glosses and a few more). 

What’s in my collection? Eyeliners

I may have a slight obsession with pencil eyeliners. I have gotten rid of all the liquid, cream and gel eyeliners that I had. I realized I didn’t fancy them and they dried out and cracked too easily. My favorite pencil is or was the Jordana Kajal pencils but sadly they have been discontinued. I have quite a few WetnWild pencils ($0.69 each on sale), Amuse ($0.75 each), Beautifique ($1.79 at Sallys Beauty), Jordanas pencil and felt tip, and one each of Stila, Lancome Artliner, Estee Lauder, Urban decay. 

What’s in my collection? Lipsticks

Yes this is all the lipsticks I own and they all fit into one of those small plastic bins from the dollar store. I’ve purged a lot of my stash after realizing that I can’t and maybe won’t wear all the ones I had. I have a mix of MAC, NYX, Rimmel, Cover Girl, Chanel, Dior, Maybelline and one or two random brands.

’50 Shades of Grey’ Series

How many grey or grey – based nail polishes does one really need??

Well I need a lot, grey happens to be one of my favorite shades and below are some of the ones I have (I got a few more after this pic was taken).
I decided to do a series of grey manicures this summer due to the immense popularity of the ’50 Shades of Grey’. Personally I will not be reading them but my sister did and so I told her this will be my contribution to the frenzy.
Here is the first one Sally Hansen Silver Elements (see more swatches and review here)

Milani 3D Holographic Collection

Recently purchased this collection from Cherry Culture when they were having a 20% off sale. Can’t wait to try so holographic glittery manicures 🙂
These are currently on sale for $3.99 and with an additional 20% off (until midnight 6.26.12) you can score each bottle for $3.19

                                                 #509 – HD, #510 – 3D, #511 – Hi-Tech


                      #512 – Cyberspace, #513 – Digital, #514 – Hi-Res
I need to feed my holographic addiction.

Age of the Nudes & Neutrals

How many nude/neutral eyeshadow palettes 
do we/I really need?
All the neutral/nude palettes I have (I may have missed a few) and this does not include any single shadows.

 The original NAKED palette

NYX Nude on Nude palette 

NYX Bohemian Rhapsody and Champagne & Caviar palettes (Runway Collection)

Top to bottom: Stila Garden Bliss & AVON Neutral Tones palettes

L’Oreal Landscape and The Body Shop Chocolate shimmer cube palettes

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone (1st column), Golden Goddess, I <3 Matte (2nd column), Vanity and Walking on Eggshells palettes.

Coastal Scents 88 Warm and 28 Neutral palettes.
Now I know I don’t need anymore nudes or neutrals but everyday there is a new one tempting me, luring me to buy it. I’m pretty sure amongst the individual 221 pans here I can dupe the NAKED 2, all the Balm neutral palettes, the newest ones from Bobbi Brown, Lorac, Dior, Lancome, Guerlain and every other brand. God forbid a NAKED 3 should come out.
Would you agree? or do you think you could never have enough nudes?

Blog Anniversary Post : My Makeup/Beauty Collection and Storage 2012

1.31.12 my little blog turned 2 years old!!!!! I can’t believe I forgot 🙁
I was planning on doing a giveaway but lost track of time. I will do one around my birthday in March (best month ever!!). So to celebrate I decided to do an updated makeup/beauty collection post. 
At the end of the year, I purged my makeup collection big time. I gifted and purged  many, many, many things and organized the rest in one unit (a chest of drawers) I got from Target years ago. I’ve always had large closets and I am not really into fashion so it became my makeup home. Besides I really don’t like to see my makeup etc., I rather have everything put away and out of site even if I use it everyday. So while this is not my perfect setup, it will do for now. I’m leaning more towards getting an armoire, where everything will have a home.
To organize the everyday items e.g liners, q-tips, bases, pots, mascaras etc., I purchased this ‘nuts and bolts’ plastic storage from Amazon for around $12. Everything fits nicely and I can actually see everything, so nothing goes unused or unloved. 
I used to use the popular 10-drawer storage system (see below) but I didn’t like it after awhile it actually looked tacky so I have it in my office now.
Old set up a year ago when I was between my old apartment and my new one. I stayed with my parents for a few months while I finished up my dissertation, thesis defense, looked for a postdoc fellowship etc.
On top I have my everyday items as you can see and my eye brushes, on the ledge I have a jar with spoolies, cotton, & some lotions.
The top unit
This is just a handy little storage unit, it doesn’t take up a lot of space and the multiple drawers holds a ton of stuff.
First drawer – all my eyeshadows and regularly used lippies. I wanted all my eyeshadows to be in one place so everything will have an equal oppurtunity to be loved. Includes singles, duos, trios, quads, small, medium and big palettes.
  Second Drawer – For a more in depth look into drawer #2 check out my Blush/Highlighter/Bronzer collection. 
 Third drawer (clockwise) – face masks; e/s pigments; face brushes I keep in a large Clinique makeup bag, I don’t like to have them in jars in the open; foundations; a face mask kit, and Samples – I almost used up what I had over the past year and then I somehow accumulated a ton via Sephora and my many beauty subscription programs.

 Last drawer – things I have not opened yet e.g mascaras, lipglosses, larger sample products. I only have one backup lipstick (Rimmel’s Airy Fairy) and all my soaps e.g LUSH, Belle Ame’, and other natural handmade soaps.


 My body lotions/butters/mists/hand soaps from Bath&BodyWorks and the Body Shop. My fragrance collection which keeps growing.

See you in the next post

Review: Benefit’s The Annie & Maggie Collections

I had been eyeing these palettes at Sephora for quite sometime and finally took advantage of a recent 20% off on sale items. They were originally $36, reduced to $29 then to $24 plus I had a $25 gift card so in the I paid around $13 for both. Surfing the blogs not many people have reviewed these palettes. 
 Mini cream shadows: top – Static, bottom – Airbrush
Shadows: top- Skyline, middle- Inked, bottom- Deco


 OMGorgeous I love these shadows they are so soft and the pressed shadows are super pigmented. The only issue I have is with the cream shadows is they don’t photograph well (at least with my camera) and they are very soft but gorgeous nonetheless.

Included in each box is a guide to three looks with very simple easy to follow instructions.
Great collections and well worth the price.

Tag – Nail Polish Collection/Stash

I’m doing this tag in response to Cosmetics Aficionado most recent post about her nail polish stash. I am obsessed with nail polish. Since my last collection post I have found the perfect storage in these nested boxes from Marshall’s, aren’t they pretty 🙂 Feel free to do this tag.
My tag responses:
1. How many bottles of polish, top coats, and base coats do you have? 219
2. Have you ever counted your stash before doing this tag? Yes
3. Do you have any orders currently on their way to you, and what is it? I received one from Head2ToeBeauty just yesterday and was going to place another other when I stopped at CVS. OMG I left with 20 bottles of polish, God bless 75% off sales.
4. Do you prefer department store or drugstore polish? I only have purchased drugstore so far.
5. Do you have a favorite brand, and if so what is it? I’d have to say China Glaze (for right now).