I, Beauty & the Scientist thoroughly enjoy beauty and skin care products. All products posted on this blog are either provided for review or purchased with my own hard earned funds.  The nature of my acquisition a will always be noted. I will accept products for review providing they are relevant to the nature of the blog. I do not do rush reviews especially for skin care products. I prefer to take at least 1 week (single product) or 2 weeks (multiple products) to test in order to give a full review. I always give my honest opinion(s) which will include strengths and weaknesses (if applicable).

I am interested in skincare products (mainstream, indie, natural, organic) that are suitable for all skin types, combination/oily skin, aging and/or maturing skin. Products that are targeted such as hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles are also of interest.

Feel free to contact BeATS at whether you are a follower, a company or just browsing 🙂

Thank You

Beauty and the Scientist (BeATs)

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