Sexy Look Mandelic Acid Mask

20150622_215103~2Simply Sexy Look Mandelic Acid Mask is enriched with vitamin B3, mandelic acid, aloe vera and white willow bark extract. It absorbs well and restores skin’s moisture and suppleness. The main ingredient mandelic acid revitalizes and brightens skin.

Suitable for:  For all skin types.

What does it do?  Hydrates, Whitens and Brightens

How to Use: After cleansing and applying toner, apply mask evenly onto face. Leave on for 15 -20 minutes. Remove gently and pat remaining essence into the skin.

Type of Mask: Sheet Mask

Volume: 25ml/mask

Where to Purchase: I purchased from and at the time retailed for $1.

Country: Made in Korea

Would I repurchase? No.


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