MaskGenie Birthday Surprise Pouch


Last month Mask Genie curated a Special Edition ‘Birthday Surprise; pouch ┬áto celebrate her little girl’s first birthday. I few of these I have used before (#s 1 and 10). I am most excited to try the Seartree Snail (#6) and Primera Peeling (#7) masks.

1. Dewytree Equal and Resilience Solution Mask (Korea)
2. Beyond The Real Multivitamin Brightening Mask (Korea)
3. ShiningNaturePurity Animal Otter Aqua Mask (Korea)
4. Workaholic Super Good Skin Care Green Tea Natural Essence Mask (Korea)
5. MIO Three Kinds of Essence Mask (Taiwan)
6. Seatree Art Snail? 100 Mask (Korea)
7. Primera Broccoli Sprout Mild Facial Peeling Mask (Korea)
8. Sasatinnie Jellyfish Lifting Face Mask (Korea)
9. SexyLook “Aloe” Mask (Taiwan)
10. Coni Beauty Lotus Elastic & Hydrating Mask (Taiwan)


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