Malie System Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask Haul & Review

20150506_225121~2I purchased this set of Malie System masks (5)  from ebay after discovering that I can also feed my [sheet mask] addiction on the cheap. Ebay has everything, these 5 cost $4.00 (plus free shipping). I chose this brand randomly because I have never heard of Malie before during my sheet mask adventures and they have some good reviews. Overall, I am pleased with the ones that I have used so far. The essence is not heavily scented although one can readily connect the scnet with the name. For example pomegranate smells just like fresh pomegranate juice. The essence is very mild and did not irritate my skin.
The mask itself fits relatively well and the essence is not very thick but not runny as other brands. This brand has a wide range if masks (flavors), at least a dozen. The descriptions for each were taken from the packaging, although I cleaned up the ‘english’ abit to make it more understandable.


20150506_225200~2Coenzyme Q10 – Keeps the skin moist by enhancing cellular turnover. It maintains skin vital by supplying  water and nourishment. A coenzyme’s primary role is to aid the function of other enzymes and enzymes are essential to all cellular processes.


20150506_230451~2Aloe – Traditionally used as a folk remedy in the treatment of inflammatory disorders, to improve blood circulation, cellular reconstruction and promote discharging waste from the skin (detoxification).


20150506_230523~2Placenta – Excellent for promoting the ‘whitening’ effect by suppressing pigment [melanin] production as well as reduce wrinkles by promoting cellular turnover.


20150506_230607~2Pomegranate – Antioxidant rich pomegranate  nourishes and leaves the skin soft and supple. It provides rough and tired skin with pleasant softness and resilience.

20150506_230637~2Green Tea – “The polyphenol (main ingredient) is a kind of catechin found in green tea. It keeps your skin clean by soothing and giving astringent effect from blocking off harmful oxygen.

How to use – After cleansing apply mask and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Tap the remaining essence into the skin for maximum absorption. I keep each on until all the essence was absorbed and the sheet somewhat dried out. That way I know I’m not throwing any away after the 20 minutes.

Made in Korea


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