Dewytree Squalane Resilience Solution Mask – Review

20150901_231227~2 20150901_231236~2Key ingredients include Squalane, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, 10% silver carp egg extracts, Haloxyl, Ceramide, Fucoidan, and Keratin. These in combination with other ingredients make the natural dermal collagen healthier, promoting regeneration, provides  nutrition and moisture to loose skin, that is constantly exposed to environment. This mask is perfect to combat the first signs of aging and irritation due to dry skin.

Squalane is basically an oil (technical term is hydrocarbon) that is used in the cosmetic industry as an emollient and moisturizer due to its low acute toxicity and is not known to be an irritant.

Directions: Cleanse face and tone. Remove mask and place on the face. Keep on for 15-20 minutes to allow the skin to fully absorb essence. Afterwards gently pat and massage remaining essence into  skin.

My Thoughts: This is a cotton sheet mask that is very delicate and feels more like a silk sheet mask. As such it is prone to tearing if handled roughly. The essence is very thick but not sticky i.e no dripping and had more of a gel like consistency. I personally do not like sheet masks in which the essence is runny and once the mask is removed from the packaging most of it remains. I feel it is a waste of product. The essence also smells great almost like unscented lotion (although that should not have a smell but actually does have a unique scent). Once the 20 mins is up the essence definitely needs to be massaged into the skin as it will not absorb on its own. It will still be on the skin even after 30 mins. So massaging it in until absorbed is key. The squalane essence is so moisturizing that I forgot to use moisturizer and the net morning I could not tell the difference. It is extremely moisturizing. 

 1 mask/27g retails anywhere from $1.99 – $3.00 online

Would I repurchase: Yes

Made in Korea


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