Color Pop Blush Haul/Swatches/Review

20150510_183006~2[1]20150510_183949~2[1]20150510_184058~2[1]So I finally deceided to succumb to the hype and order a few of the ColorPop Super Shock Cheek Blushes. I only got two Early Bird and Bonus. Each retails for $8 and weighs 4.2g or 0.15 oz.

Early Bird is a bright red coral with a matte finish while Bonus is described as a true – tone peach matte blush. 


It is suggested to use ones fingertips to provide the highest amount of coverage. In addition to this the site recommends they type of brushes to use e.g. a flat synthetic cheek/ foundation brush or a short duo fiber brush. The flat synthetic brush will give more coverage while the duo fiber brush would give a more sheer, air brushed effect.

My thoughts– I did not like these blushes and I think they are actually more of a cream to powder than true matte blushes. I am not a fan of cream blushes. Whilst they swatches magnificently and the colors are gorgeous they did not deposit well on the cheeks. I applied as suggested by the company but was not impressed and even tried to apply directly with each of the above mentioned blushes. Nothing.  

ColorPop blushes are cruelty free and are made in the USA and they provide free shipping on orders over $30.

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