BITE BEAUTY Deconstructed Rose Lip Gloss Library – Review & Swatches

The Deconstructed Rose Lip Gloss Library from BITE Beauty20140418_114124-1 20140418_114145-1 20140418_114410-1

These glosses have numbers instead of names e.g. one, three, ten etc., and range from of, light pinks to deep purple reds. Each gloss is 0.05 oz is created with natural and food-grade ingredients.

Key Ingredients:
Trans-Resveratrol – is a stilbenoid (natural phenol) and a phytoalexin (a defense chemical naturally produced by some plants when exposed to pathogens. It is also found in the skin of red grapes and in other fruits. Many studies have recently been published touting resveratrol as the new it ‘chemical’ that will help with premature ageing. 

These glosses are rose scented, some reviews of these glosses complain of the rose scent. I personally love the rose and this library has two key rose ingredients.
Rosa Damascena – The Damask Rose or the Rose of Castile, most likely its essential oil.
Rose Glacia – I could not find any information on this.


20140418_114623-1L to R: One (light pink/mauve), Two (rosey pink), Three (light coral), Four (raisin)



    L to R: Five (mauve), Six (dusty rose), Seven (dusty coral), Eight (muted cherry)



L to R: Nine (apple red), Ten (jewel red), Eleven (dark red/brown), Twelve (deep purple- magenta)

The BITE BEAUTY Gloss Library retails for $49 @

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