Review: Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub

Every so often, your complexion needs a little extra attention to enhance the skin’s natural renewal cycle. Nothing does this better than a densely textured, smooth gliding and terrifically energizing facial scrub. Activated with water, the finely ground walnut powder foams up and slips over the skin effortlessly to awaken beautiful glowing skin.

Aloe vera Moisturizes, calms and heals
Chamomile Calms, softens and soothes
Korean ginseng Increases cellular energy, stimulates microcirculation

Walnut powder Mildly abrasive, aids in cell renewal
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Hands down this Walnut Complexion Scrub has got to be the best ‘shell’ scrub around. I love it so much I have two and will probably purchase more (if there is a sale going on). It smells divine similar to sweet almond extract and one has to keep in mind that it is not edible. This scrub also lathers extremely well and most time I just use this by itself and it is very effective at removing residual makeup and just dirt and grime in general. This scrub retails $16 (1oz) and $24 (1.7oz).
One of the things apart from the quality of the products is that they include an expiration date. As a consumer this is a blessing as rarely do people know how to read the codes included on product labels. 

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