Updated Perfume/Fragrance Collection 2013

As I get ready to put away my Spring/Summer scents I thought I’d share my collection in a post. I love watching perfume collection videos in YT, and I follow a couple of amazing blogs. 
I love perfume!!! As you can see below, it’s a good thing I have a double sink in my bathroom (which is dark 22hrs of the day). I am currently looking for an armoire/bureau in dark wood. 
 I am obsessed with scents and use them all. This year I started to try scents that are not really celebrity or popular. Those that were popular back in the day and are still available from various fragrance eStores. Although I am not a celebrity fan I have a few that seem to stand out from the rest but I mostly have designer scents. I have a mix of mists, EDTs and EDP.
On my current scent wish list is SeeByChloe, Daisy Eau So Fresh & D&G Light Blue.
Current scent obsession: philosophy’s Living Grace

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