What’s in my collection? Body Butters/The Body Shop

I am a big fan of The Body Shop’s Body Butters. I usually stock up on Coconut and Papaya but have expanded my tastes to try some others and have settled on the lovelies below. Since the holidays they have had a couple of amazing sales and there is no better time to stock up than during a sale. These are the only moisturizer I use.
 My favorite from the core line is Coco Butter (goes well with any fragrance) and perfumed is White Musk Libertine (amazing with its name sake perfume and Vera Wang’s Princess).
Moringa is a gorgeous, soft, subtle white floral. Rose is a rose and is light and airy, not like the ‘grandma rose’. I think the thickest one is Vanilla (only comes out at Christmas) and needs a bit more work to rub in but smells amazing. Mango is just right for Spring/Summer.
Body Butters currently in use.

Disclaimer: I purchased all the butters myself.

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