Leona Lewis Collection for The Body Shop – Review and Swatches

I haven’t really heard or read much about this collection. The Leona Lewis Collection was debuted in US Body Shops on April 15th. When it came out I was lucky enough to get a few pics and swatches of the products at one of the stores. This review is just about the products not the cause nor the artist.
Initially, I noticed the display for this collection was rather small and tucked away in between the other makeups. I also noticed that last year’s beauty ambassador Lilly Cole still had her banner up so I was rather confused.
The packaging was kind of cute, it was a deer (I am assuming that is Leona’s fav animal?) Honestly, I think one of the main reasons this collection may have been a bit disappointing was that there was nothing new or creative except for the lip glosses.
The very small section the collection called home.
The fragrance was a revamped White Musk Libertine in a limited-edition bottle (my favorite TBS fragrance) which I will review it at a later date.


Apart from the fragrance the collection included a rather weird looking blusher brush that no one seemed to like or get the concept of, two shimmer palettes and four glosses (I only saw three).

Deerlicious Fuschia, Deerlicious Bronze and Deerlicious Petal Lip Glosses.


Bronzer & Blush Shimmer Palettes
I’m not sure if the shimmer palettes were to be unique or just the already existing palettes in limited edition packaging. Neither the bronze or blush palettes was unique, the colors of the deer to me were already in the other palettes (3 of the 5 waves).
I wished the collection included a shimmer cube palette (my all time fav TBS product) and really unique products like the Lily Cole collection, maybe new eyeliners. For that reason I think others along with myself were a bit disappointed. Lily Cole was a hit because the products were unique and could sell themselves, Leona’s is just repackaged ones basically.
Another reason this collection may not have been a hit, is that no one in the US really identified with Leona. I know who she was but nobody else I know knew. I think The Body Shop should work on carefully selecting their future global ambassadors. Either use a celebrity everyone knows (and the collection will sell no matter what) or select a pretty girl from each continent but the collection should be able to stand by itself and blow people away.
They should hire me to conceptualize and market their collections. The collection is still available online but I am not sure about in stores.
I hope the next one will be amazing.

Disclaimer: All images except for the fragrance (thebodyshop-usa.com) were taken by me.

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