EOTD: Gold & Brown with CHANEL Bronze Universal

I am trying to be very good and not buy any makeup, although I do have my eye on the Clarins Summer palette. So shopping my stash I decided to use a very neglected item my Chanel Bronze Universal. I wanted to see if it could be used as a n eyeshadow base.

This look РTFSI (primer), Chanel (base), Sunrise/Sunset (Black Radiance), Brown (Dior Silver Look) and Buck (N1) 
12+ hours later after a very long sweaty day. I ended up going to the mouse room (in the basement of one of the research buildings) for a couple hours and then in lab running around.

I’d say it held up pretty well with only minimal creasing and the colors were still vibrant. So I have another use for the Chanel bronzer apart from highlighting ¬†since it’s a bit too light for my skin tone.

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