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I have been on a Artisan/Niche fragrance kick lately, enjoying the various sampling programs available. I’ve seen banners for Lucky Scent on a lot of fragrance blogs and thought I’d give them a try. Lucky Scent is a boutique fragrance shop that caters to artisan, niche and relatively hard to find scents (especially if they are not US based). The website is easy to navigate and I’ve found myself on many occasions (hours at a time) browsing and adding things to my wish list. My obvious intent is to come back at a later date and purchase samples. Samples range from $3-$8 and all perfume and fragrance oil samples are typically packaged in 0.7ml glass vials.Included in the description is a scale which tells whether the fragrance is feminine, unisex or masculine in addition to a detailed scent description. I had no issues with the shipping and the vials were protected in cardboard and bubble wrap.

For my first purchase I sampled Annick Goutal’s Eau d’Hadrien, Carthusia’s Ligea and L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Safran Troublant
Lucky Scent sample vial beside a typical sample vial

The power of citrus: essences of Sicilian lemon, light citron, tangerine, and juicy grapefruit. Fruits ripened by the Italian sun. Eau d’Hadrien as an Eau de Parfum is more concentrated, more distinguishable, and more green – a fresh combination that sparks the senses. Made of pure essences that freely diffuse their sweet aromas. Unisex. Retails between $99 – $115
Notes: Sicilian lemon, citron, grapefruit, cypress

Bearing the name of one of the three mermaids who tried in vain to bewitch Ulysses, Ligea is a feminine sensual nectar, surprising and passionate, combining the warm powdery notes of opoponax with the fresh soft aroma of sweet mandarin. Between feminine and unisex. Retails for $85
Notes: Tangerine, rose, powdery notes

Saffron long ago cherished by Chinese, Romans and Greeks, and spread by Zeus on his couch to arouse his senses. Saffron that colours Phoenicians’ love sheets and even corrupts the Vestals. Safran Troublant subtly mingles with sandalwood and red rose, a symbol of passion, saffron and vanilla make a mysterious love potion, a sensuous and dangerously arousing golden essence. Feminine. Retails for $145
Notes: saffron, vanilla, sandalwood and red rose

After wearing each for a couple of days my favorite hands down is Safran Troublant. I am a big fan of spicy rose and vanilla notes. I love, love this fragrance.

 I did not like Eau d’Hadrien, the notes are dead on for everything citrus, not so much the the juice but the oils. I smelt like I spent my life on a citrus farm where I rubbed myself with the leaves and the rinds of every citrus fruit known to man.

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