2012 – A New Year for Great Things

Happy 2012 everyone!!!!
I resisted posting yesterday (edit: 1.7.12 see I didn’t even realize how long ago I started this post) because I spent all day reading everyone else’s 1.1.12 resolutions/posts. I try to avoid personal resolutions because I feel setting goals should be done all year long. What I do instead is make more professional/work related resolutions (which I have a hard time keeping as it is).
But as for this blog and my love for all things beauty related I’ll strive to improve my blog. I have so many posts already done but haven’t published them, I should work on that. I need to stop procrastinating ( I’ve been writing this post since the 2nd), another reason why new year resolutions do not work for me.
Things to look forward to in 2012:

  • Blog anniversary giveaway (2 yrs at the end of this month)
  • Lot’s of reviews of new things I’ll be trying this year (especially on my quest to explore Asian skincare products).
  • Make at least one YouTube video a month (more like just one of I can manage).
See you in the next post

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