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I’m doing this tag in response to Cosmetics Aficionado most recent post about her nail polish stash. I am obsessed with nail polish. Since my last collection post I have found the perfect storage in these nested boxes from Marshall’s, aren’t they pretty 🙂 Feel free to do this tag.
My tag responses:
1. How many bottles of polish, top coats, and base coats do you have? 219
2. Have you ever counted your stash before doing this tag? Yes
3. Do you have any orders currently on their way to you, and what is it? I received one from Head2ToeBeauty just yesterday and was going to place another other when I stopped at CVS. OMG I left with 20 bottles of polish, God bless 75% off sales.
4. Do you prefer department store or drugstore polish? I only have purchased drugstore so far.
5. Do you have a favorite brand, and if so what is it? I’d have to say China Glaze (for right now).

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  1. I love the storage you have. Its hard to find storage that is cute and reliable. I’d love it if you did a “top 10 fav” nail polish post. I’d love to see what you would recommend. Still can’t beleive you have 210…. lol

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