I’m still here!!!!!! I just moved and my internet is not up yet (this weekend) and I can’t really post during the day because of how my desk is position and people stop by my desk to chat all the time. I have a few things to post which I’ll get to soon. I haven’t bought any makeup in a while, no I did but was disappointed in it, but I’ll still share it anyway. I got a couple of other things that I’ll share too.  
Graduation is next week!!!! I can’t believe there’s no more school for me unless I’m mentally unstable and decide I want a law degree or an MBA, but I think a Ph.D is enough. I maybe getting something from my wish list as a gift next week what will it be I’m so excited 🙂
What look would go well with a gold (gown with black stripes) and tam (black with a gold tassel)? I was think of a very neutral look where you can actually see differrent shades of brown.

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