Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone who reads this blog regularly or just happens to stumble across it.
2010 has been a year of many things:
– (non makeup related) I finally after many years got my Ph.D, I have a ‘job’ although postdoc fellows don’t get paid much, I can’t complain (I could be uneducated and homeless).
– I finally started this blog something I’ve always wanted to do but just never did.
– I’ve learnt so much from so many beauty bloggers and youtubers over the past year. There are no words. Thank you everyone.
– I’ve learnt to appreciate the many different views people have about beauty.
For 2011:
– To make this blog better and more visible on the web.
– The big news I hinted to before: I’ve decided to get a certification in Makeup Artistry (I’ve started saving up for this and want to take it late spring or at least before the end of the year).
– To learn as much as I can about the beauty world.
– To get a better camera (can’t decide which one) any suggestions.

Well until my next post which I’m putting together right now, thank you all for reading my blog and leaving great comments.

Happy 2011 may it be a year of fabulousness!!!! 

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