Lots of Goodies

I’m so excited I have lots of goodies coming in the mail. I know I should not shop but be frugal and save but I am always wise in my shopping ‘sprees’ whether online or in-store. I usually, well 97% of the time only buy online when a good ‘free shipping’ deal is offered with some perks like good size free samples. Also I always go for clearance/sale first and foremost, why buy regular price when you can get it on sale.
Avon had free shipping on >$10 (you can’t beat that) so since I haven’t bought anything since last year and I didn’t have to spend money on coffee and lunch (thanks to a couple of lunch time talks and $2 lunch items in the supermarket) in the past two weeks. I spent $25 and that includes tax and one or two buy 1 get one free deals 🙂 I got 11 items that will last a very long time even with frequent use (nail polish, brushes, lip glosses, makeup removers, eye shadows and a couple other things).

NB: sign up for email alerts so you can get coupons and shipping deals. As a poor grad student soon to be post-doc, I know a good deal when I see one.

I am a big, no a huge fan of Petrilude (check him out) and he used a eyeshadow that I had to immediately have and I bought immediately (check out the link and where you can get it) $7. So my obsession continued and for $9 and change (+ free shipping) I got 5 shadow samples from GlamourDollEyes at a gram each (I saw these eyeshadows on a youtube tutorial). Stop the presses, 1 gram of eyeshadow (weigh out 1 gram of any chemical and you’ll see how much that is) my day couldn’t get any better. But it did I remembered that tomorrow I’m going to Sephora(who gives free samples) with a friend from the next lab, our fave activity apart from science of course.
So that’s roughly $41 (17 items) that I treated myself to.
So when I saw the new L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara advertised I had to get one, after a couple of weeks I found it in Target ($7.99).

Verdict: It’s awesome, I wore it to school and although I has a busy day it held up pretty well.
Durability: Good
Clumping: Minimal
Lash separation: Good

The design of the brush allows for easy use (it was the primary reason I bought it) and the head is very flexible. The only thing is that I’m not sure if it’s waterproof (it wasn’t indicated on the package).

Good buy.

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