At Long Last…

This blog is a testament to my obssession with beauty products, as time goes on you’ll see . I am a big fan of Avon, Estee Lauder, Covergirl, Sephora, Body Shop, Bath & Body, Loreal, Maybelline etc, among many others.
I love makeup, perfume, lotions and neat little beauty gadgets. There will be no tutorials (videos etc) but I’ll post pics of stuff I already have, new purchases and wish list items and give my opinion. Things that are practical for days busy spent doing research and having coffee. For example if you have a long day at lab, there are a couple of talks, you have to be on the microscope, have to be in the cold room and there’s a departmental reception in the afternoon. You want to look good all day, so what can hold up to such a busy day e.g powder or cream base eyeshadow, lipstick vs a long wear stain or gloss. That’s where I can help because my days are like that and I thing about these things too.
I know what you’re thinking another beauty blog, aren’t there millions already on the web but you’ve never had one by a scientist ( a person least likely to be into this sort of thing and whose cheap) but today’s scientists are a new breed. We’re more tech advance, more socially conscious etc, and on average younger and more hipper. I may go into to science of a few products especially if the ingredients shouldn’t be used on our skin. I will not be talking about little bunnies and puppies and testing (I’m staying clear).
Although a lab is not a runway, or a nightclub, I like to look nice but not over the top you’ll never know who you’ll meet on a daily basis.
Q: Have a lipstick that’s a bit wow (the nightclub/weekend one) but you want to wear it to the one day program retreat?
A: Prime lips with petroleum jelly, use a finger or a lip brush and apply a small amount to bottom lip, rub lips to spread evenly, dab lips with clear high gloss, rub lips together again. It works trust me. This allows you to use what you already have (if you haven’t yet bought lip stains or tainted glosses).

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